Dear Jasminda, Even though my daughter has moved to Sydney and is in a new relationship, her former boyfriend, a uni student, still comes around for dinner at least two nights a week. I haven’t told her because it seems sort of odd, but I don’t know how to say anything

‘On the couch’ with Jasminda

  Dear Jasminda, During our Valentine’s Day lunch, the conversation turned to what type of animal my husband and I remind each other of. I suggested he was like a lion: tenacious, rugged, muscly and protective. He suggested I was like a wombat. What am I to make of that? Modern Media: Advertise with


  Dear Jasminda, My dog is 14 and has a growth on her stomach. It is going to cost me about $1,000 in vet bills, which I do have, but I was putting it aside for a cruise. I sort of feel he's had a good life anyway. I'm thinking of 'sending

Mervyn McConnochie, Karuah

  Dear News Of The Area, IN response to “Tucker Says Burnoff Needed”, News Of The Area 5 December 2019. Modern Media: Advertise with News Of The Area and you get your ad in 1) in Print, 2) on the News Website (like this ad), and 3) on our Social Media news site.