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We have a large range of equipment
Including: treadmills, bikes, rowers, elliptical trainers, summit trainer, Jacob’s Ladder, chest press, shoulder press, pulldown, seated row, leg press, hip ab/adductor, Smith machine, cable, dual adjustable pulley, crunch bench, knee raise, back extension, barbells, dumbbells, stability balls and balance training aids.

Located at 4/2-4 Wanya Rd, Tea Gardens NSW 2324
Eating healthily and doing some sort of exercise every day is important.
Anything is better than nothing and it’s never too late to start, whatever your age.  Being active has many benefits: it’ll improve your fitness, stimulate your brain, and make you feel good and more energetic.  Exercise also warms you up so you’ll need less heating at home.

As well as exercising daily, it’s important to watch your calorie intake: many of the comfort foods we all like to eat in cold weather contain a lot of kilojoules.  Look out, too, for high sodium (salt) content in pre-packed foods, particularly soups and stews.

Make sure you eat a variety of vegetables (5 helpings a day) and fruit (2 helpings a day) because they’re full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to boost your immune system.  Kale, broccoli, citrus, berries and kiwi fruit have plenty of vitamin C to help ward off colds or reduce their duration if you succumb to winter germs.  Yoghurt can also help but you should always check the sugar content on the label; if it’s over 20%, try to find a different brand!
Try to do something a bit more energetic than walking, ideally something with a bit of impact and which raises your pulse and makes you puff.  Winter’s a good time to try indoor exercise so why not try a workout or a class at the gym?

02 4997 1960

4/2-4 Wanya Rd, Tea Gardens NSW 2324

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