Due to the closure of the Myall Coast NOTA in April 2014 (a 30+ year paper), it was decided to start the paper straight back up, for the important communities it served – Tea Gardens, Hawks Nest, Bulahdelah, Karuah, Stroud.

Myall Coast News Of The Area’s first independent edition was 17 April 2014.


Myall Coast News Ann Scully
Ann Scully

Ann SCULLY – Founding member of Myall Coast News Of The Area

“This has been my passion since I left the (then Fairfax owned) Myall Coast NOTA three years ago and now this exciting opportunity has come my way.”

“My personal initial motivation to be involved in venture is that I have twenty years experience in publishing (six years at the NOTA and fourteen years at Nightingale Press in Newcastle).”

“I also hold a Diploma in Publishing, Editing and Proofreading.”

“I live in the area and so many people, include myself, knew we needed a media voice for our communities.”

Email:  ann@mcnota.com.au
Mobile:  0402 402 166


Nathalie Craig, Journalist

“When I started work on Myall Coast in 2011, I hardly knew the area, soon after I felt part of the community and by the time I left for my overseas adventure in 2014, I called the area home.”

Nathalie Craig at Myall Coast News
Nathalie Craig

“The Myall Coast has such a unique and special community. There are characters from all walks of life making it such a colourful place. This is a passionate community with many residents who truly stand up for what they believe in, making it such a fascinating place to work.”

“The variety of topics I covered on a weekly basis could range from interviewing the world’s oldest university graduate, keeping on top of some of the state’s most significant environmental issues to watching a community fight to stay afloat and thrive after the new bypass.”

“After travelling the world, I can still say with complete conviction that the Myall Coast is one of the most beautiful places on earth.”

“Many of the opportunities I was lucky enough to engage in during my year overseas, stemmed from the Myall Coast. The Rotary Club of the Myall Coast gave me the opportunity to go on a job exchange, working as a journalist in the UK. I was then able to work for two weeks on Peter and Kerry Hodges French Connection tour in the south west of France.”

“I knew this community would quickly open an independent paper after the Fairfax owned NOTA folded. It’s the type of community with a great sense of get up and go. I’m happy to see the community has still been receiving their news. For the time I am working for the new NOTA I will continue keep you all informed on everything that is happening within your community.”

(Nathalie has since moved on, in 2015, to bigger things in Journalism –  in Sydney)


Rosemary Crick Bulahdelah

The late Rosemary Crick was pivotal with Ann Scully in getting this newspaper off the ground.

Rose was an icon in the Bulahdelah community, she lived there for most of her life and was fiercely passionate about her community and her advertising customers.

With as much experience as Ann, Rose Crick had worked within the media industry for 29 years, including at the Port Stephens Examiner.

Rose was a very good friend and valuable asset of the News Of The Area.

Rest in peace Rose.


Dianne Bailey

Di Baily – Di, also a Tea Gardens local, has great experience in media and publishing industry. She worked for the Myall Coast Nota whilst it was Fairfax owned and grew to make may long lasting relationships.




Sonja Evans Myall Coast News

Sonja EvansKaruah

A passionate Karuah resident, Sonja is one of the biggest advocates of News Of The Area.

Since the paper (NOTA) launched as an independent company in 2014, Karuah business, individuals and groups, have never had such a solid and consistent voice.

Along with other community events, groups and clubs, News Of The Area are major sponsors of the Karuah Roos Rubgy League Football Club.


Mick Wright

In December 2015, the redundant Port Stephens Examiner General Manager, Michael Wright became involved in the company, its growth, and its strategy in in developing a Modern Media solution.  The paper quickly accelerated in truly servicing the local people in these towns, and also the local (small) businesses in these towns.

Mick (in 2015) has over 20 years in strategy management, the last 15 years in media, and the last 12 years as the local manager of the Port Stephens Examiner.

He has been a valuable part of the growth and community success of News Of The Area.


“With the addition of Medowie & Tilligerry News Of The Area and Bay News of The Area, I am so excitied to ensure this Modern Media solution is really working well for people, community groups, business and clubs.”


Medowie News Of The Area

News Of The Area expanded in June 2016.

We launch the first edition on 2 June 2016, called Medowie News Of The Area

This paper services the communities of Medowie, Salt Ash, Williamtown, Ferodale, Twelve Mile Creek and Campvale.

All the reporters live in these communities – See Contact us.


Bay News Of The Area

News Of The Area continued to expand in October 2016.

The first edition on 6 October 2016, was deliver onto the Tomaree Peninsula of Port Stephens.

This paper services the communities of Nelson Bay, Shoal Bay, Salamander Bay, Fingal Bay, Anna Bay, Corlette, Soldiers Point, Boat Harbour, Taylors Beach and Bobs Farm.

All the reporters live in the Bay All four of them! – See Contact us.


There is so much more too our paper – and of course our communities.

Contact us,… or just read about it, with…

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