Port Stephens Councillor Steve Tucker is for empowering local volunteers to burn off scrub in cooler months

Local firey Bill Finney burning off at Mallabula.


WITH uncontrolled bushfires sweeping the land, long time burnoff advocate Steve Tucker is calling for the removal of the ‘green tape’ and empowering the local volunteers to burn off the scrub in the cooler months.

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With several people dead, hundreds of homes lost and current estimates of 1000 koalas incinerated, he joins with former RFS Commissioner Koperberg in refocusing on the problem of fire fuel.

“I was elected to Port Stephens Council on a ‘burnoff’ platform and served on the local bushfire management committee along with two indigenous locals: John Ridgeway and Colleen Perry,” he said.

“The committee refused to take a ruthless burnoff policy on board so we resigned in disgust.”

“This was the time when the management plan stated that ‘Port Stephens is an insignificant to major bushfire risk area’.”

“Its recently been reclassified as one of the most fire prone areas in NSW,” he added.

“I’d encourage residents to contact their local State member to lobby for full decision making to be once again given to our grassroots volunteers. We trust them to look after us,” he added.

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