The Common or Indian Myna bird to be removed from Tea Gardens

Myna birds trapped and removed from Tea Gardens by trained residents.


THE Common or Indian Myna bird is being humanely trapped and removed from Tea Gardens by trained residents.

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Classified as one of the world’s most invasive species by the World Conservation Union, the Indian Myna bird has a brown body, black head and yellow bill.

They are native to tropical southern Asia from Iran to India and Sri Lanka.

The Indian Myna was introduced into the Melbourne markets and the Queensland cane fields to reduce insect pests.

As with cane toads, the efforts failed, and the Indian Myna has since invaded most of eastern NSW.

Tea Gardens is no exception with high numbers of the feral pest observed in, and around, the vicinity of Marine Drive.

The flock size is increasing, with locals reporting seeing Indian Myna birds bullying native birds and animals.

The feral pests are roosting in homes, posing a fire and health risk. Residents and visitors should discourage Indian Mynas by not feeding them and placing all food scraps inside bins.

The humane removal of the ‘flying rats’ from Tea Gardens will visibly improve the local environment.

For further information contact the Canberra Indian Myna Action Group Inc on 02 62317461 or visit their website.


By Sandra MURRAY

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