$1 million upgrade of the Karuah Waste Water Treatment Works

Hunter Water is currently undertaking a $1 million upgrade of the Karuah Waste Water Treatment Works.

Upgrade works involves an ultraviolet disinfection system which uses UV light to kill disease causing microorganisms in treated effluent.

Construction has been underway since July last year and is expected to be completed by July this year.

The Karuah Waste Water Treatment works was constructed in 2003 and was designed to service a population of 2,500 people from the Karuah township.

Hunter Water services a population of around half a million people all the way from Wyee in the south to Karuah in the North.

Senior Media Coordinator Nick Kaiser for Hunter Water said that this upgrade will result in a better treated waste water being discharged to the local environment.

Hunter Waters primary focus is the health of the community and the environment.

“By maintaining a high standard of waste water treatment, Hunter beaches have been rated the cleanest in the State 14 years in a row,” he said.

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