2016 Bowelscan test kits available at Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest Pharmacies

In conjunction with Rotary Clubs nationwide, your local Rotary Club of Myall Coast is conducting the 2016 Annual Bowelscan Program for the tenth year in a row.

Bowelscan is a public awareness program seeking to increase community knowledge of bowel cancer and its symptoms as well as the distribution of faecal occult blood testing kits to facilitate early diagnosis.

Ian Mackenzie-Smith from Rotary Club of Myall Coast said, “Rotary promotes and coordinates the Bowelscan program annually to emphasise the importance of bowel cancer screening for both men and women over the age of 40.”

Bowelscan is a non-profit initiative.

The successful operation of Bowelscan, and its accessibility to a wide range of people, is made possible by the voluntary support of a large number of pharmacies, pathology laboratories and Rotary members.

“As in past years, the testing kits will be available during the month of May at both Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest Pharmacies with sincere thanks to Graeme Hackworthy and his staff,” Mr Mackenzie-Smith said.

The price of the kits is $15 which includes testing, analysis and advice of test results.

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