A big year for the Karuah Bowlers

Runners up, Dave Austin and Kim Post with the new 2021 Mixed Pairs Champions Pam Cembala and Peter Joass.


THOSE who have stuck with the reports provided by local Bowlers in these types of stories would be familiar with the term “The Bowling Year”.

It pretty much resets each January and rolls (pun intended) through, with the same events, in the same order, in much the same months, each and every year.

Turns out that 2022 will be quite unique.

“What with 18 months of COVID-19, the calendar this coming year will be one out of the box with different events, all over the place,” Karuah Bowls Club President Jim Healey said.

December 2021 saw Karuah bowlers compete in the last Club Championship event of the year, a gripping final in the mixed pairs.

Pam Cembala and Peter Joass got away to a strong start in hot and muggy conditions on a slow green.

Dave Austin and Kim Post came back in the mid ends but Pam and Pete kicked away again in the 18th and 19th ends, ending up with a solid win.

Both teams had some solid wins in the lead up games and with the stop start nature of the comp, it was a good one to win.

A good crowd stayed and watched the game after the Thursday gala in the pleasant and aircon cooled area behind the glass in the bar, with both winners and runners up being widely applauded by all on their return to the bar.

2022 will see for the first time Triples, Minor Singles and (again) Mixed Pairs Championships, kicking off ‘early’ in the new year (the least shall be the first).

Pennants will be played much later from mid August, and the usually early 4’s and both Minor and Major Singles Championships played at a much later stage in the year, as directed by District Authorities.

“All we can do is play the competition games when they tell us to and just concentrate on enjoying our bowls,” Karuah’s Game Secretary, Stephen Gilchrist said.

As a result of the topsy-turvy calendar, social Galas organised by the Men’s Club at Karuah will recommence in January on Thursday 6 with names of members and visitors in by 09:30 am and cards called at 10:00 am.

Those who are looking for a new year light but energetic workout, social stimulation, fresh air and sunlight should come down to the Karuah RSL to give bowling a try.

“A fun morning, new friendships and perhaps a cool drink afterwards are on offer to new or experienced bowlers alike,” Club Secretary Greg Mungoven said.

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