A call for North Arm Cove’s development and potential

North Arm Cove Real Estate Snapshot
North Arm Cove Real Estate Snapshot

Dear News Of The Area


My husband and I bought a block of land in North Arm Cove about 20 years ago with the hope that one day we could build our little house .

We felt in love with the area and we use to go every summer with our children to look at our land and enjoy the beautiful water views.

We named our land “HOPE”.

We never stopped paying the rates for 20 years and I believe many people still paying like us; and the ones that stopped paying probably became pensioners and cannot afford to pay anymore.

But how much money all the people paid to the council probably for more than 20 years.

I don’t think money is the problem.

We don’t go there every year anymore.

Some times we pay some locals from North Arm Cove to cut the grass in our land.

But I can say the area has deteriorated a lot not only the non urban area but also the urban area it looked really sad.

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It is a pity that this council does not recognizer that North Arm Cove has a big potential to develop and create more jobs.

I wrote a  nice letter to the Council to ask about the approval of environmental free houses: kit homes with solar energy, rain water tanks, our own sewage but never have a reply.

I hope people doesn’t give up and continuing fighting for something that it is ours.


Stella Maris

Ratepayer North Arm Cove

133 thoughts on “A call for North Arm Cove’s development and potential

  1. Hi Stella

    We are looking at purchasing a block 800m2,can you give some information as to what the price should be,good investment,bad investment more hassle than its worth!

    We would be buying for our two babies and hoping g one day they could jumt start on life.

    1. If you read the thread below, there are a LOT of people like myself who have been paying rates on this (now) worthless land for years and years, with nothing to show for it and no services from Council. We now find ourselves in the untenable position of paying exorbitant rates on land that, contrary to promises from Mid-Coast Council (formerly Great Lakes Council, promises which they now deny) of re-zoning in 2020 will show absolutely no return on our investment. We only purchased our block (at three times the value at the time – it’s worth LESS than that now) to help out some relatives! Don’t touch it!

      1. We are looking at buying a non urban block of land in Pindimar . Has there been any progress this year with council in re-zoning of the land.

      2. Hi, what you need to do is get on the council. Next time the council election comes, run for office. It’s the only way to get things moving. It looks like these people have been in office long enough. Time for a change.

  2. Hi Stella

    We are looking at purchasing a block 800m2,can you give some information as to what the price should be,good investment,bad investment more hassle than its worth!

    We would be buying for our two babies and hoping g one day they could jump start on life.

    Any information would be great

  3. Hi Stella

    My brother bought one of those blocks at North Arm Cove and was one of the first to in the late 80’s, he left this property to my children after his passing. I have tried to contact the council in the hope of getting some real answers to any progress into when these block will be rezoned for building homes.

    I will not give up and will be seeking assistance and guidance to see how this can be resolved and was hoping that anyone else that has vested interest does the same…Power in numbers as they say. I also read in an article that the council and Walker corporation own land there also, so I wondering what that means future down the track. No happy about paying and nothing in return, but i will t hold out.

    1. hi Anna I have been paying rates for nearly forty years , .The dream of building a house in my land is slowly fading ,how can they ignore two thousand owners ? The council found a gold mine ,they do not give any services.

    2. Hi Anna,

      after over 20 years of paying rates- with great hardship-I,m almost giving up. I am 80 now and will leave a great headache to my children, plus the financial burden. The council is taking money undeservedly,nothing is being done to the area at all. And it has deteriorated enormously.

      It is a disgrace and a crime taking money from mostly pensioners under false pretensions for now already 3 decades.The council does very little in return, the council should be forced to buy back all that land.It is very sad as well as the area has so much potential. Next to Sydney Harbour the most beautiful bay in NSW, fantastic climate and so close to Newcastle, which is growing fast.

      What can all of us do to get something going?

      kind regards Bill

      1. Hi Bill,
        I am in the same position. I am wondering if we can muser other people in the same position to make a class action against the council. What do you and others think?
        Jo Goodman

    3. Hi Anna

      We also have land and would like to build, i have suggested to my husband that we contact the media as council has advised us that rezoning is up to state government.

      1. Hi Andrea,
        There are also a lot of people who own land at Pindimar like myself, I believe if enough people got together and approached the State Govt with a plan to develop the area in an environmentally sensitive way we might have a chance. Rather than the need for large nursing home developments, these areas would cater for the needs of retirees in an environmentally friendly way, freeing up city properties, and thereby helping to reduce the ongoing pressure of urban sprawl and increased need for city access and services. The fact that these were subdivided and sold in the first place shows profiteering and I believe corruption of early councils. As has been said, owners have paid rates for many years for nothing and are not even allowed to maintain fire safe standards these days. Surely slow, environmentally sensitive development is preferable to major land clearing which will have to eventually happen if the population growth, immigration, mining, continues at its current rate. My number is 0417 436482 if you want further support or are interested in putting together a petition to the Govt. or getting some sort of group action going.

          1. Hi Annette, I was reading your post from 2017 and wondering if anything has moved forward with the non urban land issue you were hoping to start?

        1. Hi Annette.
          I also have a property at Pindimar. I went up not long ago, but I couldn’t get to my property as the “road” leading to my property was very muddy and the trees were making hard as they were almost overlapping! I will go back soon though!
          I originally purchased the property for Camping holidays. The previous owner was set up an aquaponics business, but then sold it to me. I Believe, if you are using the property to generate an income, you can build a shed without council approval? (I could be wrong). In any event, I would love to be involved in any way possible to get these draconsian despotic council extortioners to come around!
          We pay rates for what exactly?

          They are not providing us with water, electricity, plumbing or waste removal, waste management removal. They don’t maintain the roads etc etc!
          So we have basically purchased a block of land (with the hopes of building) just to be extorted by a corrupt council!!

          Please let me know how I can get involved!

          (In order to charge fees or Rates, there MUST be an exchange of a good or service! Otherwise it’s just legalized extortion!

          Kind Regards,


    4. Hi there all I’m in the same boat with my block went their a year ago and couldn’t even find the block no signs wat r we paying land rates for and where is our money going and wat is it used for are we paying for other things in the area thanks not right something should be done I even rang Allen jones a while back about it it crap wat can we do

    5. Hi Anna my lot is in Carrington Rd.A petition has been already sent.Please join our FB page an follow us you can add family and friends. If you find out anything revelant please make it public on FB.we need everyone ‘s support please and as I said to other members :start visiting the land enjoy what it is ours .It is a beautiful area.Kind regards.

      1. Same position, paying rates for the last 25 years.
        direct me to FB page…
        I want to sell, any buyers !!!!!!!

  4. We have also been paying rates for decades on more than one non urban block. The council has been raking in large amounts of money to fund other areas like Foster. Many landowners are sick of their rates not being used to develop this area (at least in part). The council is ranked as financially healthy mainly due to the rates of these non urban blocks and the dashed dreams of the hopeful owners. Enough is enough!

    1. Hi Ken & Leanne, I too own a non urban block at Beauty point and have paid rates for the last fifteen years. I think if we could get at least 60% of non urban land owners to unite and send a clear message to the council that we want the area re-zoned we may be successful. If that fails then we would at least have a voice for landowners rights and could start lobbying for change.
      Please email me at [email protected]

      1. Hi guys

        Could you tell me what the rates are please?

        Im considering buying in the area and am unsure of what to expect.

        Has anyone attempted to start a class action suit against the local government over the theft and misappropriation of funding it recieves from rate-payers?

        This might be an option. Naming specific councilers and the local government on the paper.

  5. Hi Stella

    I bought a block in North Arm Cove back in 1996. I too have been paying rates for 21 years. I bought this block initially as an investment block for my daughter. (I won’t give it to her now as it is not her problem to pay the rates on a block you can’t build on).
    When I bought the block I was told that it would be approx 14 years that building MIGHT be allowed. Well, that went by the way side.
    I still want to build here as the area is beautiful (or was, and still can be).
    I would like to know if we can start up a petition to get something done, would anything actually happen.
    This area has a lot of potential and the many of us who own these blocks would love for something to happen.

    Why should our hard earned money go towards council funding for other areas instead of the area that it is being paid for.


    1. Hi Katie we bought our land in 1997 and they told us the same thing .We can still do something about it .Please sign the petition and join our FB page North Arm Cove Non Urban Residents.

    2. i purchased land there in the late 80s, there has been many attempts by a few people to get a reasonable council policy to start rezoning our lands. There was a Norm Fox (i may have name wrong) he was on the Great Lakes Council in the 80s and 90s, he put a lot of effort to have rezoning as he also has ownership of land there, or at least he did. YES there is a big issue of council collecting our rates for over 30 years from approx. 2000 rate payers. We need to make a group to reform for our fight for our right to live on our land! STOP FALSE JUSTIFICATION and Council Cartel Conduct.

      1. Hi Greg
        We too bought a small section at Nth Arm Cove and were told we would eventually be able to build on it.20 years later ????
        Funny thing is 20 metres away is a cottage. We’ve asked the question also many times with no luck.They said all the blocks had to be bought out together or your block had to be over a certain size to consider it.What a load of bull that is too.Roads are shocking and still paying the rates.

  6. Hi Stella, thank you for writing this in 2016. My parents also bought.land back when they were conned with beautiful advertisements in the late 80s of schools etc. I was a teen at the time. Now in my 40s. I was up there in 2016 and the locals said that the council were pumping our rates into Forster. I suggest we start a facebook page and lobby the government. I have just been down the south coast where areas of 20 residents have a township. We have more than 1000. It should ring bells to people how ridiculous it is that such an area with such numbers nowhere in nsw is not developed. It’s time we searched all the land owners and lobby government and make that council accountable! It’s disgraceful that we cannot even FIND our properties yet we pay rates! Shame on Great Lakes Council. Enough is enough! Let’s get this ball rolling once and for all. I do not want to see my parents die and seeing their hard earn money in Foster!

    1. Dara thank you very much for your reply .Please sign the petition and join our FB page We need more followers and make what you have been told about the Foster Council public! The more evidence we have against the Greater Lakes Council the better .Kind regards .

  7. My hubby and I bought a block in 2005 with the hope of being able to build a little house on it one day, we still pay our rates every year too. The council should approve building. We pay rates for nothing at the moment. We would happily join any petition protest to get the council moving on this. We even started
    A Facebook page for us campers all to get together and chat. It’s the day of digital media.. time to make a stand.. would love to be able to build a permanent structure. https://m.facebook.com/CampNorthArmCove/

  8. Another sucker (ME) free flight -bought a block of land Non Urban in Merriwa Bolavade just 3 block away (from round about ) from the urban Side back in the 80’s when it was advertised That’s 36 years ago for me,- Land from $6990.00 I paid $9,900.00 wow what a bargain I thought,- Go Fishing Water Skiing etc,Was told it will become urban in 5 Years, I was also asked to go on one of there Commercials and got $500.00 of the land I bought,(again Sucker) I have paid rates for over 30 Years , Original owner, Went up a couple of years ago to see . Dirt road not maintained Land still for sale -Stage 3 Trees huge on all land ,spoke to locals they like it as it is .it is there Bushland, , I’m the same when i die will pass it onto one of my daughters and only hope it will become Urban. Just Dreaming. Regards Bill.

  9. Hi All, we purchased our lot approx 15 years ago and have been paying rates with no return. The council is there to represent the people. I cannot see what the problem is with this area. We can all build self sufficient holiday homes with solar power, tank water, and septic tanks. we can set the standard for all new developments. Where are the greenies now! all owners need to get together and lobby state government.

        1. We have a small block of land here too. A gift. I’d like to stay updated too please. Is there a Facebook group? Thanks in advance.

    1. I emailed the council 3 years ago with exactly what you have proposed in regards to ecologically and self sufficient housing.
      With the use of solar panels , solar hot water, grey water retention, dry composting toilets , underground stormwater storage ,…..then filtered for normal household use, etc , etc..
      I made the point that this council could be the first council in Australia to not only cut the cost of development to a council but also look to be environmentally friendly.
      Unfortunately , they cant see the forest for the trees.

  10. Hi guys
    i am in the same shoe. i propose we form a committee and have representatives that will go to these council meeting and to be the driving force to pressure the government to do something about this or return the rate money they have collected because they are not providing any services for the area.

  11. Im so happy to see we are not alone, but so sad to see how many people are in the same boat, let’s all do something about this, people power is what we need here , My family are still waiting to have a little house to call home, Always hopeful that one day we can. ..!!!!

  12. Hi Everyone,

    I’m behind you 200%. A very, very conservative estimate puts the rates for this area around the $10M mark since the commencement. One doesn’t have to look too far up there to see very little going into the maintenance of the area let alone any improvements or work towards the rezoning. Would suggest both local & state levels start doing what we elected them to do.

    1. Hi there,
      We were thinking of purchasing a non-urban block but have decided against it after reading your comments. Thank you so much for giving us this information before we purchased.

      We are however interested in leasing a block for a year for the cost of the rates if you are interested.


  13. We have a block of land at North arm cove and it’s not right that the council is taken peoples money year after year and doing nothing in return they can’t even grate the roads so we can use our land the council states if you pay money your aloud to camp or caravan on your land for up to 50 day per year only with Permission, but how is this possible when the gravel roads are washed out and near impossible drive a 4wd let alone a tow a caravan so why do we have to pay land rates when the strict guidelines can’t even be followed because most land holder’s can’t even use their property is this illegal for council to be taken advantage of use rate payers we are no different from any other land holder’s I have wrote to the council and to current affairs but no luck. Why is the land, roads getting ignored buy great lakes council shame on them, p.s the council has everyone’s information why don’t they start getting into contact with us all and start a petition….

  14. Why should we followed the guidelines when great lakes council ignores north arm cove they complain about everything we do but expect to do nothing in return who is wrong and who is right. They say you can’t have a permanent structure and I say fix the roads get stuffed council it takes two to tangle. So get of your high horse and fix the place.

  15. I also owned a block in Paterson Place for nearly 40 years and have been back recently but can no longer find it. I am fed up with paying rates for nothing but what is the option. I personally think something has to be done about this mess and soon

  16. We havent been back to this sight for a while. Interesting to note the comment many owners cannot even access their property. If I am correct, in many areas of law you cannot charge fees for services that aren’t being provided. The fact that our rates are providing a free ride for the council must eventually cause a backlash. Here is an area where many people have purchased an affordable piece of Australia with hopes and dreams attached for its future. Comments constantly come up about preserving the area for environmental reasons. As per another comment here this can be done in conjunction with sensible development. Greenies dont seem to offer any assistance here or haven’t provided a model. From what I see they put up roadblocks and move on. Happy to work with other owners to progress awareness and hear their stories.

    1. How about if people stop paying council rates? So far they are getting their salaries from the rate payers and once the money stop flowing they might get their lazy asses off the cozy chairs and do some changes to justify the money received so far. Just a thought

  17. And I’m another one. I agree with those of you who want to form some kind of network to lobby collectively for changes to the zoning status of these properties.

    I drove up past my block in Somerset Ave a few months ago and found the roads washed out and passible only in 4WD. When I bought in 2007 was under the understanding that I could camp for up to 3 months per year. Recent enquiries informed me that I also need to apply and pay for a permit to camp on my own land! Is that a new regulation? More $$ for council. You’re right, these properties are being degraded and from what I can see most folks are happy to consider sustainable building options and to work with Council. As far as I’m concerned the council is taking an outdated, old fashioned, backwards looking view of what could be an awesome project for sustainable development projects showcasing modern technology and environmental solutions. I’d like to see development of this area that could model a 21st Century take on Australians living clean and green. It would be lovely to think that the current residents and Council would find a way to extend the hand of friendship and welcome to new residents who have a vested interest in taking good care of the future of this area rather than the current state of inward looking close mindedness that see’s the whole region neglected.

    Thanks, Stella. I’ve been wondering about how to find people here for ages and finally found this post last night.

    Thanks. Nic 🙂

    1. The Port Stephens Harbor was proposed to be the capital city of Australia in the early 1900s, the subdivision was designed by Walter Burley Griffin the same man who has designed the layout for Canberra. but the government at the time decided to move the capital city to canberra.

  18. Hi just got our property and am in the same boat .
    Just wondering if anyone has had problems getting approval for sheds on the land or problems cutting down trees to make room for camping.

  19. We need to find as many people as we can. Create a petition and try to spread the word to sign the petition. I can start the petition if you want and we all need to network to get it out there!

    1. Hi bought in 1999, haven’t paid ‘rates’ for at least 10 years as could barely get in to view my block. Unsure if it’s been repossessed due to rates unpaid…. anyone know? Beautiful area; we live on a continent with 24million people and this is how our Govt treats us!. God bless all-and I’d be keen to lobby anytime as this is immoral, probably almost illegal etc.

    1. Thanks Ren. Have shared and signed. We all need to stick together and fight this injustice by the council.

    2. Thanks Renata,
      Have shared and signed. Please contact me if you want to do anything else. Annette from Pindimar, 0417436482

  20. We too have a block on market way with the view to build however cannot see this in the foreseeable future. Perhaps we could start a petition on Change.Org and present this to the council?
    I am interested in the number of us that continue to pay rates with little in return, there is soo much potential in the area.

  21. Hi, I am in the same boat as you all are. We looked at purchasing a property earlier this year and at the time, it was advertised that we are not allowed to build but are able to camp for 60 days of the year and clear some land and build a shed. I tried to contact the council on 6 occasions ( two times a week and each time leaving a voicemail message) and after three weeks of not getting a response, I just made the offer which was accepted. 2 weeks after this, I finally received a call back from Elkie from the council only to be told that we have to apply to camp on our own land for 60 days only (which is fine with me) however they will not approve any trees getting cut down so we can make a clearing to camp as they don’t see the need for anyone to clear land that is non residential, nor can we put a shed on there. Essentially, they delayed getting back to us, we took the information we were given by the real estate agent as gospel and purchased a dud land. We couldn’t confirm this with the council beforehand because they ignore your calls. I would like to join an action group as I am not happy with this council and the lack of care they have. Elkie’s attitude and dismissive comments over the phone were a disgrace.

    Shall we all get together and create an action group? Any volunteers to help set this up? I would be happy to approach lawyers to see if any of them can help us out.

    1. Why don’t you put shipping containers on your land and deck them out.
      They are not a permanent structure and council would probably get the shits if containers where scattered across the area. I bet that would get them thinking about rezoning. Good luck, I was thinking of buying up there but not now.

  22. Thank you Ren , i have signed the partition, Lets hope this can start something. Come on guys sign up on Rens partition, we r finally having our say susan north arm cove land rate payer.

    1. Hi Guys

      Where can I sign a petition? Family bought land in ’98 and Ive been paying rates since then so would like to see something done.

      Property is being developed all over Australia so why not here? I dont think a little development will kill the local eco system. Majority of Australia is untouched anyway.


  23. I pay rates and cannot use the land, there used to be a consortium to push for the state government to put pressu on the local council but have heard nothing for at least 10 years.
    we need a stearing group to take it up with the local member.

  24. Hey guys, I just purchased one of the blocks in Carrington Rd, love the area that is why did not mind to invest little $ for such a place. My lawyer spoke with council and they indicated the only way to change the dead lock is, if five or more owners of lots next to each come forward and willing to develop the land council may not have choice to reject it. I am lot 210 if anyone next me please pm me so we can try to break the silence. I am sure if owners come together we change the course!

    1. Louis my lot number is 211 Carrington road .all services are at the front of properties power, telephone and tar sealed road the same as the village we should be allowed to build

    2. Louis my lot is number 211 Carrington rd we have all services at the front of property power phone and tar sealed road the same services as the village has and they refuse permission to build .Is that discrimination?

    3. Hi Louis my land is also located in Carrington Rd I have to check the number and I get back to you .We are already a few that we live in the same st ;as you mentioned we have power,phone at the door of our land.We can do something all together.Kind Regards

  25. Here’s a question. With the changes to Fire Levies are we now going to get slugged this on our land along with our rates?

  26. Thank ren I have signed the petition I hope this gets great lakes council of there high horses and help all the land holder’s at north arm cove, good job.

  27. Dear owners , we are trapped in a bureaucratic nightmare , and to make things worse !….we have to apply and pay to camp on our own land.. !…….

  28. Dear land owners . we are trapped in a bureaucratic nightmare , and to make things worse we have to apply and pay to camp on our land !……..

  29. My wife and I purchased land at North arm cove in the early 80’s and we are now into our 60’s. We feel the only way to have the rezoning debate seriously discussed is to petition the state government. After 35 years one would feel that there may be a case to answer for the inaction and misappropriation of North arm cove land owner’s rates by the Greats Lake council. This now may be the perfect time to take the council on as the state and federal governments are now politically committed to their policies of ‘affordable housing’ – we all want to see the next generation have a roof over their heads. My first contact would be the state member followed closely by the council ombudsmen.

  30. Just to clarify we have a building block in Cove Boulevarde and have had nothing but great correspondence from our Council Contact. However we have two non urban blocks and this is where the the issues arise. We have been paying rates on one block for approx in excess of 30 years at Pindimar one for 27 years at North Arm Cove and we are being fleeced of our hard earned money. We have had enough of being ignored by Council. This is a misappropriation of funds!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Ken and Keanne,
      I am at Pindimar and some of the blocks there have been allowed development zoning changes. Not sure why mine doesn’t qualify and theirs did but I believe we need to keep the pressure on to get this sorted and am willing to work with everyone to do it… strength in numbers!

    2. Well after reading all these posts it really does look like a “too good to be true” scenario. We found these blocks for sale and thought yeh how amazing is this.
      Can I ask how much are the rates?
      Do you ever think they will change the zoning?
      Has anyone attended a council meeting?

  31. I bought land there in 2003 and the roads were half decent,went back in 2010 and could hardly find my street. Maybe we should all stop paying our rates until we see some upkeep in the area. I am 49 now and hope I can build a house and retire there. I bought my block from a 75 year old woman who said she would never see the area developed in her time.

  32. Hi all. Support the need for change. Local government needs an injection of progressive thinking. We own on the ridgeway at NAC. Petition signed.

  33. Don’t think not paying rates would work as we have greater credibility as financial investors in the future of this area. Think we need to go over the local council though and deal directly with State Govt. as there is funding available under the Regional Development Framework for Community Groups. Could we collectively develop a Community Project on the area that would bring us notoriety? Perhaps a Vision for Sustainable Development via development of a website, etc …… future plan for North Arm Cove, Pindimar, etc that might become a National model. I would be interested in working with others who might have skills to help put this together. I’m an English teacher with good writing skills and creative ideas. I can be contacted on 0417 436482.

    1. Hi Ken and Leanne,
      My husband and I also bought land in North Arms Cove about 20 years ago . Like so many owners, we contacted our local NSW MP and the council but there was no outcome. Given the NSW government policy and the Midcoast Council’s recent recommendation on paper subdivision we need to try another strategy. We need to involve a developer who can work with the council to satisfy their requirements. However,this suggestion will mean:additional costs to owners,loss of some land and maybe compulsory acquisition of some land. Regarding costs,lets hope the council will bear some costs given it is the only winner in the current status quo:earning millions of dollars in rates per year without providing any services and owning land of former owners who can no longer pay the rates. Government policy requires 60% of owners need to vote to get a developer involved and we need to act fast as the council is becoming a bigger owner every year and one day the 60 % requirement will work in the favor of council and not us.
      The above strategy has be adopted at Riverstone and maybe the precedence for all paper subdivision:check out what is happening at Riverstone at http://www.landcom.com.au/places/riverstone-scheduled-lands/
      Anjana Nath
      [email protected]

      1. We bought land in North Arm Cove about 2016, our block over looks the water and has a house built next block over, so we felt it a strong possibility for our block to be included in urban building at some point. Where are things are at now? I’ve only just got into researching about this as we are thinking if we should continue to hold onto the land or sell. So many jobs could be created with this area being developed and with the COVID-19 pandemic people need jobs. Any updates?

      2. I am in the same position, myself and wife thought about our kids future, my son was 7 months old at the time.
        Now he is 26 years old, so should we wait another 26 years for any progress in this land !!!!
        Anyone !!!!!!

  34. Hello all,

    I will be purchasing a block in the near future and will join in on any group push for re-zoning.

  35. Hi ,
    My husbands grandparents brought land also in North arm cove back in the 80’s and now since his grandmother has been on her own for a while and can’t afford the rates and got in a bit of debt with this block over the years and she is now in her mid 80’s, My husband and I have taken over her debt and have had it signed over to us and as I just received the paper work today for all the rates and outstanding charges, We would also like to see something done with this area , I think all the promises over the years to these elderly owners is just disgraceful from the council, These people back in the 80’s were looking at retirement in this area and now have had to look elsewhere and paying fee’s on a pension for nothing, It’s just appalling.

  36. I have a land there, I called up three years ago, they let me to have a plan for solving sewage, water etc… but rejected

  37. I am interested in buying land in North Arm Cove but would like to avoid agents. I am happy to wait for building rights and take part in activities to achieve that.
    Please let me know if you know anyone who wants to sell.

  38. Hi,
    We are in the same boat. I bought 2 blocks of land in North Arm Cove way back 1998 for my retirement or maybe for the future that I can pass to my family. It is a serenely beautiful place near to the water. I saw a potential straight away to this peaceful place, an excellent place to raise a family. I was told by the real estate agent that according to the council, the North Arm cove land will be released in 15 years but not more than 20 years, I believed them with full of anticipation. But it is already 2017 and nothing is going on. I contacted the real estate this year for curiosity, I have informed my lands only doubles the worth of the original price because of, it is in farmland property rating. To calculate my total expenses since 1998 to present, I spend more than I gain. I keep on paying the 2 rates every year until now. I invested my years, time, money for that land. How about the other owners who paid this land through the loan, the interest was another expense. Then I decided to call the council to ask the future development for this lemon land. I was informed that they don’t have a plan for development or don’t know when to release the land because of not enough budget. They have lack of funding for the future development. So it means they hang us in hope and playing our anticipation. The council failed to see that if they will release the land to the people the development and good income will follow and they will enjoy the benefit.

    They steal the dream of ordinary Australians. I feel we are trapped, deceive, being ripped off by the beaurocrat. As an Australian, they should have done something to serve us. All we ask for is a place that we can be built our home. Why do we have to follow and play by the rules that hinder the Australians to enjoy a good standard of living? Why do we have to wait for several years for their mercy? waiting for their decision to built our home to the land that we own. As an ordinary citizen, are in a losing game. I feel we are the milking cows of the council for years. They take more than they give, our silence is to their advantage while our unreachable dream is only a hope. Too much beaurocracy.
    No more waiting games. We can challenge them in legal action to compensate us for our suffering by playing their rule that we don’t deserve.
    I agree that we should get together to create an action group and stand for our own right.

  39. Thank you very much to all the people that replied to my letter.I was overwhelmed with the response. We have a Face Book page (North Arm Cove Non-Urban Land Owners )we need more support so please join us .For so many years we were paying rates and had nothing in return.Some owners passed away and they couldn’t see their dream become a reality but we still here and we are going to fight for what it’s ours.Please join us we need your support you can add your family members and friends as well.The more members we have ,the more likely to be heard.And also start visiting the land we need North Arm Cove to become alive again.Kind Regards

    1. I have just joined awaiting approval my grandfather brought 2 blocks in the 80s and my mum had been paying the rates the last 20 years… I just seen there was an article stating that the are looking at re zoning how true this is I’m not sure and it will be looked at getting done in 2022 these poor old people and they just kept taking there money. Shame on them

  40. I have just sent this to the state government, if you are interested in a class action contact me. [email protected]
    would like to bring to your attention that there are many rate payers in north arm cove (NSW) and the great Lakes region that area unable to build on the land that they own. This land was divided up in 1916, more than 100 years ago now !! Some of these people have been paying rates for as long as the land has been available . I heard of one family that was paying rates for over 40 years and for what? . We are provided with no services from council at all and there has just been a rates increase of 20%. I have been advised by council that it is up to the state government to change the zoning to allow us to build. Barnaby joyce not to long ago stated that if you can’t afford to live in sydney ,then move out further. That’s what we have done ,and like so so many Australians these days can no longer afford the simplest properties as its just out of the price range!! Something needs to change so we have the right to build on the land that we all own. We as the community of north arm cove and great lakes region ,will be discussing a class action in the very near future regarding this matter. As this could be a very long drawn out process, we would preffer not to have to go down that path . But will pursue this in a court of law if need be. As a matter of urgency i request this matter be heard in parliament as soon as possible. As far as I see it , the government has been misappropriating council rates from owners for over 100 years !! Where has all the money gone ??I would like a response to this email by close of business 20th November 2017

    Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.

    1. Andrea I am very interested in your determination to fight for your rights. in 1982 I was a young man now I am an old man it is a disgrace how our politicians are treating us Council blames state and state blames council Someone should be responsible for allowing to subdivide the land in small blocks and making us trapped having to pay rates without any benefit Is there anyone with a conscience to look at it ? There are 2000 families waiting for a proper decision , IF WE CAN LEGALY FIGHT IT WE SHOULD ALL CONTRIBUTE .I WIIL PAY MY PART

    2. Hi, just going through comments about NAC and saw this about taking actions, how far did you go with this?
      any progress?
      i have the land for over 25 years now so what is next? keep paying rates?

  41. Has anybody looked at this, or tried to get the ball rolling on this. Basically the cost of the subdivision of born by all the land owners either by monetary payments or by forfeiting 50% on the land owned.

    Anybody who just thinks council is going to provide all infrastructure for free and then all the land owners are benefit by increased land values, is Kidding themselves.

    This is the same premise behind all developments.


    1. The Council won’t need to expend any money if we live off the grid .we are in 2018 ;and if some people don’t want to live that way won’t have the chance to live in the land .we can invest in Solar Panels,Buy water it is necessary ;perhaps not all the people will agree , but this is a good way to care for the environment; that is the main reason why we are not allowed to build as per council rules.When I bought the land in 1997 they said that could be rezoned in 15 or 20 years and we thought that could be our retirement .The Law should be change.If we bought land there it was because we love the bush and the native animals.

      1. Hi Stella, I purchased a block of land approximately 12 months ago that IS ZONED RESIDENTIAL on The Esplanade and the council regulations still prevent me from building unless I build and pay for the road at a cost of approximately $100,000 dollars (no this is not a joke unfortunately ) and I too pay rates. So now I am trying to find a way to solve this issue. .. Any ideas ??? I only want to build something quite modest to be able to live with my dog in peace.

  42. I still cannot believe that people blindly purchase blocks a @ NAC without researching Great Lakes Council literature pertaining to these blocks basically they will not grant building approval now or anywhere in the near future, do not purchase a block without fully reasearching the history of these blocks.

    1. Hi guys

      Lovely area pity the way things are going what are the rates per year? Have you talked to the local member? And who is it?

  43. I have purchased a block which is in fact zoned residential and i am required by council to build a road before i can eben think about building. The roaf had been quotef by an independent engineer as costing around $92,000 and thats conservative. I pay rates also but am still required to foot the bill for a public road which the council will then own. Work that one out !

  44. It is easy to judge now with social media transparency but in 1982 this release was viewed on TV the banks gave loans and people were obviously unaware of the idea of a scam. My husband and I went to visit our blocks and were neither able to locate or access anything. The area has been built in and the location is idealic but due to the corruption of previous councils allowing an Australian National Park to be subdivided and sold to the people who brought there blocks in good will, those purchases now have had to fund those substandard infrastructure works for other as well as those councillers that still sit on this scam knowingly without rectifying the wrong. Where in Australia can you buy a national park firstly and then have to pay rates, as we all know we loose our blocks unless we do. The NSW government and the North Arm Cove council members are daily breaching laws or rectification and make good. I know a lot of purchasers have now died never having had the opportunity to realise a dream . That is wrong in the first instant. Buy back the land from those that were scammed at 2018 building approved blocks and do the right thing by everyone involved..
    I am going to state writing to the state council after seeing what I saw yesterday. This was and is a scam

  45. I have thought about buying a block at north arm cove for years. But have always been talked out of it. Still interested in one though. Are you allowed caravans on them.
    Im lived in Wyee for about 10 years, there is non urban land there. Worth about $10k around 20 years ago. During this time people have just built cabin sort of houses no approval. They get mail, garbage, use solar, not sure about plumbing. I assume just a camp toilet. Most live there full time & have done for 20 years. Blocks now sell for $100,000.00+ still non urban.

  46. Hi all
    My parents bought a block of non urban land in the late 90s hoping one day they would be able to build
    their dream home.The land is situated on the Ridegway North Arm Cove.They still pay rates to this day for no purpose. They are pensioners now & The Great Lakes Council has no problems taking their hard earned money.I believe the council should pay back all the money received from the time my parents bought into that scam & repay all the good Australians who purchased into a dream & not a nightmare were their hard earned money goes to waste. The Great Lakes Council is accountable & have
    now the option to repay all those descent hard working Australians the money that was invested into the area or make all blocks zoned to be built on.

  47. Can everyone email me so we can organise a meeting. I bought a land over 10years ago & we have been trying to build something but council is so bloody stubborn they refuse to let you build, if we can get as much people as possible to stand up to them, we will be able to do something.

    1. We have inherited some land from my nan – was given to my parents about 20 years ago .
      Such a shame we have had no success either in being able to build a family holiday house for my parents to enjoy with the grandkids . My mum is now way too sick to even enjoy this .
      Have joined the Facebook page

  48. After reading all these posts and seeing the many attempts to try and find a solution to this totally unjust sotuation. I can see petitions, letters to government and council have all done nothing. There is only one thing they understand and only one thing we can do, as I see it. We have to stop. Stop paying the rates stop fumding their projects. They are laughing at us. If we all stop giving them money for nothing only then they may start taking notice. While we continue to pay the rates they don’t care. Stop paying. Then they will care.

  49. Reality Check.
    Rates. See ‘MidCoast Council. Non-Urban Land,’ Non-urban land is NOT exempt from rates – rates are still payable even on empty blocks – Councils are required to charge rates on private land – Local Government Act 1993 – Council charges the lowest rates possible. (Complaints should be directed at State Government.)
    Roads. See ‘Council receives report – Manning River Times 8/1/18’ MCC Manager of Finance. Non-urban lands in North Arm Cove – many of the roads were not dedicated as public roads at the time the subdivision was registered – they remain in private ownership, outside of council`s care and control. (Stop complaining to Council. Find owner, Negotiate purchase or indefinite lease plus maintenance obligations, etc.)
    Current Discussion. See North Arm Cove Website – scroll down to ‘Ethics and Constitution.’ Read on.)

  50. Reality Check.
    Rates. See ‘MidCoast Council. Non-Urban Land’ Non-urban land is NOT exempt from rates. Rates are still payable even on empty blocks. Councils are required to charge rates on private land under Local Government Act 1993. Council charges the lowest rates possible. (Your complaints should be directed to State Government to change LGA.)
    Roads. See ‘Council receives report 8/1/18 Manning River Times’.
    MCC Manager of Finance. Non-urban lands in North Arm Cove. Many of the roads were not dedicated as public roads at the time the subdivision was registered and they remain in private ownership, outside of council`s care and control. (Time to establish who owns them. Negotiate a purchase ? Negotiate indefinite lease with maintenance obligations ? Now the work begins, but no more blaming Council.
    Current discussion. See North Arm Cove Website – scroll down to ‘Ethics and the Constitution’ Read on.

  51. Non Urban Landowners become a member and have your say
    Visit the “North Arm Cove Non-Urban Land owners” on facebook


  52. I just inquiry about the land at North Arm Cove, but after i read all the comments from 2016-2020 its not looking good to buy the land and built the holiday house later.
    Thank you

  53. I bought my block in Carrington County on the corner of Carrington and Glen Innes rd back in 1983. I have paid my rates for some unknown reason for nothing in return. I am at the point where I have paid more for the rates than the actual block of land. I have all the original paperwork stating that you could build in the future, but they never mentioned which future. If anyone is interested in buying my piece of land please do, I have had enough of waiting for this to be built on. With the amount of land owners and the rates they get for no maintenance on our blocks its a scam they make a lot of money from.

  54. hi all
    there is a petition now on the north arm cove non urban owners
    on Facebook take a look on their page and get your friends to sign this
    this will help the area change
    there is still a chance that this will go ahead if we all get together

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