A dam fed sprinkler system on a Pindimar property is set to save the shed this summer

Ian Trahan with his shed sprinklers in action.


RURAL Fire Servicemen have commended Pindimar local Ian Trahan for protecting his house, so others don’t have to.

The retired shipwright has hooked up an ingenious sprinkler system to a small dam on his property to soak the house when bushfires approach and embers attack.

With a little help from neighbours, Ian linked up his house and shed, but the preventative system hasn’t caught on elsewhere.

“As far as I know, we’re the only ones doing it,” Mr Trahan said.

“Nobody else has a system like this locally but the RFS reckon everyone should have one,” he said.

“By plugging up the downpipes, the water from the sprinklers overflows around the guttering, completely drenching the house.”

As the bushfire season hits full swing, Mr Trahan says locals are worried last season’s bushfires may edge closer to their corner of the bush.

“Fifteen years ago the fires were only ten metres from the house,” he said, but thankfully they hadn’t edged as close in recent seasons.

However, this time last year, the Pindimar and Bundabah RFS were part of the crews battling more than 119 blazes across the state.

Six people perished in the flames, but with recent rain, Ian says the risk of complacency is very real.

“You never know how bad the fires will be,” he said.

Ian has cleared as much bush on his property as possible but says nearby fire corridors need maintenance.

“They’re a mess and I don’t know why the Council hasn’t cleaned them up,” Ian said.

He says although his personal home irrigation protects the house and the shed, without the clear corridors, fire crews won’t be able to battle through the dense scrub and help the rest of the community.

The RFS is encouraging residents to have an emergency survival kit prepared this season as summer begins.

They’ve recommended packing a battery radio, torch and first aid kit and to only grab the essentials when fleeing the house.



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