A Moo-ving Rescue At Hinton

SES volunteer David, with the safely rescued calf.


THE SES volunteers have been busy in the wake of the storms that hit the region last week.

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As expected they cleared fallen trees and shored up homes with roof damage.

Rather less expected was a moo-ving rescue of a calf near Hinton.

A representative of the Port Stephens SES told News Of The Area, “Port Stephens SES loves supporting our community and have responded to multiple storm jobs, general land rescue activations and ambulance support jobs this week.

When one member of the SES crews was returning from a storm job, they saw a young severely dehydrated calf in Hinton.

“The calf that had become stranded on the wrong side of the fence and then rolling down a ditch, and there was an absolutely frantic mum cow trying to get to him.

“Our members put their Large Animal Rescue skills to good use, and were able to safely return the two day old calf to his very thankful mum and owner,” she said.

In addition to Road Crash Rescue, Port Stephens SES also manages Large Animal Rescues.

Members are specifically trained in techniques and equipment to move large animals without causing injury to themselves or the animals.

The team has rescued horses, cows, camels, and even a 1,250kg bull.

If you’re local to the Port Stephens area and want to find out more about joining an amazing Rescue team whilst gaining nationally accredited training – please reach out to the unit via the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NSWSESPTS.



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