Abolish State Payroll Taxes- Senate candidate says

Phil Jobe says Abolish State Payroll Taxes
Phil Jobe says Abolish State Payroll Taxes

Dear News Of The Area,

I am a Senate Candidate in the upcoming election.

Small business is the lifeblood of the Australian economy, harnessing as it does, the energy, creativity and resourcefulness of many millions of people.

Harassing small business to pay payroll tax in addition to the cost of hiring staff is counterproductive and in the long term can add to the demise of our economy’s greatest asset.

State Governments across Australia are drunk on payroll tax.

Over time State Governments need to be phasing out their reliance on payroll tax so that small businesses are not inhibited in flourishing and growing their workforce.

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Small business employs about a third of the entire Australian workforce, and they need room to grow.

Small business need to put their best efforts into producing the goods and services we need for both domestic and overseas markets, not paying an inefficient payroll tax.


Phil Jobe, Senate Candidate Family First

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