Aboriginal grandmother to raffle artworks for her grandchildren

Jocelyn Archer, proud Larrakia woman and talented artist.
Jocelyn Archer, proud Larrakia woman and talented artist.


IF you have not experienced the artwork of Jocelyn Archer, you are missing out.

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Jocelyn is a proud Murri woman from the Larrakia mob from Darwin in the Northern Territory.

She is an incredibly talented Indigenous artist who paints with heart, spirit and passion.

Her artworks are full of culture and speak the stories of her ancestors through her brush, passing them down, ensuring they will be remembered forever.

Jocelyn has been painting since she was a young girl, and credits her father with teaching her how to paint.

Her favourite medium to create artworks in is acrylic paint, and she is most ‘at home’ when painting salt water animals.

Jocelyn’s children and grandchildren were raised strong in their culture and are proud of their ancestry.

Jocelyn’s artworks will ensure her families stories will live on, their stories will continue to be told, and they will leave their mark on this world.

Her art is centred on this story telling of Aboriginal culture, and sharing knowledge of the land and beliefs of Aboriginal people.

Jocelyn has four very unique pieces she has created that are destined for a special project.

Two of her grandsons, Antwone and Keaundre have been selected to attend representative tours and trips, so she has decided she wants to help her family to pay for the cost of these by giving away her art to four very lucky winners.

Jocelyn told News Of The Area, “These four paintings are special stories for me, and I’m pleased to see them go to some good homes to raise some money to show my grandchildren how proud I am of them and their achievements.”

“The first painting is a story about hatching turtles and all us kids sitting on rapid creek beach in the Northern Territory, watching them hatch each season, and the second painting is about the Salt Water Turtle, one of our main traditional tucker.”

“The third painting is in special memory of my Dad and Uncles hunting for stingrays with spears and the last one is about the Black and White cockatoos, and how they are warnings of the change of seasons, and how we would watch them after the bushfires,” she said.

The competition will be announced, run and drawn on Jocelyn’s brand new art page on Facebook.


By Rachael VAUGHAN


Jocelyn Archer, with her artworks for the competition.
Jocelyn Archer, with her artworks for the competition.


Jocelyn Archer with her painting of a Salt Water Turtle.
Jocelyn Archer with her painting of a Salt Water Turtle.

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