Act For Peace Ration Challenge Accepted by BDC Students

The rations for participants, and refugees in camps across the world, to live on for one week.


TWELVE students and three teachers from Bishop Druitt College (BDC) are taking up this year’s Act for Peace Ration Challenge from June 14-18.

The BDC students will join the more than ninety nine thousand Australians who have participated in the program since 2014.

This year they are one of fifty schools around the country registered to participate.

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“By taking the Ration Challenge, students will raise money that will help save lives now by providing emergency food, healthcare and support to people hit hardest by this crisis.

“And by putting themselves in the shoes of a refugee for one week, they’ll learn about current global issues, develop empathy for others and feel empowered to make a difference in the world,” said Ben Littlejohn, Ration Challenge co-founder at Act for Peace, the humanitarian aid agency that initiated the fundraiser.

Every participant receives a ration pack in the mail, containing the same rations, in the same quantities, as those distributed to Syrian refugees in camps in Jordan – just a small amount of rice, beans, chickpeas, lentils, fish, oil and flour.

Bishop Druitt College Chaplain, Reverend Naomi Cooke said, “It is fascinating to learn about and engage with the experience of refugees in refugee camps around the world.

“It is part of many of our school students’ families and experiences and is validating.

“Some of our students have that history directly or in their families.

“So they have memories as little kids and some have parents with those memories.

Ms Cooke said the students are challenged to change their experiences of recipes and cooking at home.

“When students open the ration pack and see the very limited amount of food they have to develop skills to decide how to cook that.

“At school we have tended to gather together and eat it together to encourage one another.”

Mr Littlejohn said it’s not too late for interested schools or students to register.

“We hope more schools will join us this year to show refugees, and the world, that we really are in this together,” he added.

To register, visit:


By Sandra MOON


Participants from last year Ben Caesar, Digby Greenaway, Meredith Clowes when the school raised $2,907 for the Ration Challenge.

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