ADVERTISING FEATURE: The first term of the rest of their lives at The Education Centre

Is your child struggling?


This is the first term of the rest of their lives.

Let’s make it a good one, one where they can get the support they need in these difficult times, one where they can get a foot up with their studies, one where they can find success.

The teachers at The Education Centre can help with all this and more.

We have a Centre with teachers and tutors who are dedicated to helping their students to achieve as much as they can, and then some.

Teachers who have been tutoring for years, who make success happen, who care about the little things, who want the best for their students.

We have young energetic and creative teachers ready to learn the skills needed to mentor and tutor students to help make their lives more enjoyable.

We have older teachers and tutors with many years of experience and knowledge who know how to support students with many different learning levels.

They all have one thing in common: They care!

Why don’t you start your child on the road to success with weekly support from one of our exceptional teachers or tutors? It will be a decision that will repay you again and again.

After School Supervision

So, both parents work?

What to do with your children from year 5 to year 8?

They don’t necessarily like where they go now for the afternoon.

The kids there are all young and don’t share the same interests of these maturing young people but they are not quite ready to be left alone at home for the duration.

OK they can look after themselves to a certain extent, they can make a sandwich, they can follow rules most of the time.

What happens if they get bored at home waiting for you to get home of an afternoon?

What happens if they have to sit in the shop and be quiet till you close up for the day?

What happens if they loll around the office till you finish work?

What happens if they are led astray?

The Education Centre now offers full afternoon ‘supervision’ for this age group.

A place where students can indulge in seeing friends but also spending the afternoon positively, learning something new or strengthening their knowledge in a variety of subjects – IN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT.

Students being supervised must select two classes of the afternoon or Prep for High School to be eligible for full afternoon supervision until 6.30pm.

We have for term 3:

Mondays/ Tuesday: Maths and STEM: 2 x 1-hour classes 4.00-5.00 and 5.15 to 6.15

Mondays/ Tuesday: English and Art: 2 x 1-hour classes 4.00-5.00 and 5.15 to 6.15

Wednesdays: Prep for High School: 1 x 1.5-hour class 4.30 to 6.00pm

Thursdays and Fridays: Japanese and Cooking: 2 x 1-hour classes 4.00-5.00 and 5.15 to 6.15

We find the best value in which the students make the most progress is two lessons per week, either in team tuition or individually or maybe a mixture of both.

If a student has been having difficulties at school for years, it is not feasible to think that one lesson per week over one term is going to change their world considerably.

To really get things moving, repetition is paramount, so it makes sense to do at least two lessons per week to make their progress to better marks a lot quicker.

If a student is having trouble for too long, then they get labelled (yes unfairly) that they are not good students.

To help them gain their footing in the higher grades, tuition is an important component.

Not only to raise their marks but in confidence and self-esteem.

To a parent that is worth millions.

To contact us please call Brooke in Coffs Harbour on 0266522222/04784135549 or Bel in Woolgoolga on 0266548397/0435979535 or check our website for more information:

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