Advertising feature: Tuition for success at The Education Centre


SEEING your child succeed is something that all of us would like.

If they are learning to read, we would like to hear them reading as fluently as possible and understanding what they read.

If they are taking on advanced maths in high school, we would like to see them understand the challenges and answer the questions with accuracy.

If they are grappling with Physics and Chemistry for their HSC exams, we want to see them understand and succeed in their exam with good marks to help them move ahead with confidence.

Sometimes there are things which stand in the way of this, things that we have no control over, things which make it difficult for success.

To overcome these difficulties, the teachers and tutors at The Education Centre can help students keep up with their work at school and pave the way for the success they deserve.

There are new Maths and English classes set to engage students for year 5 to year 8 at The Education Centre from term three. Cooking, Art and Acting will enhance their creative side and help them enjoy learning.

Team tuition and individual tuition will help them keep up academically and a bundle will cover all bases.

Term three sees the beginning of an exciting new phase in tuition at The Education Centre: if your child does one year of tuition twice per week, does all the work given, and does not improve, we will tutor them for free until they do.

Call Liz today on 0435972460 to discuss the ways we can assist on your child’s journey to success.

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