ALDI refurbishes another Coffs Coast supermarket

ALDI Toormina is currently closed for a few weeks while the store undergoes a major refurbishment. Photo: ALDI Australia.


FOLLOWING the recent refurbishment of ALDI Coffs Harbour, ALDI Toormina is now closed to the public until the middle of November to undergo its major store upgrade.

The store closed on Monday, 19 October and will reopen on Saturday, 14 November once the comprehensive upgrade of the store is completed, including better product displays, improved navigation and modern styling to mirror some of the newer ALDI stores across the state.

ALDI is assuring its customers that the recent local store upgrades won’t lead to increased product prices.

“That is our fundamental point of difference and one we will never give away,” an ALDI Australia spokesperson stated.

New store features include redesigned shelving, expanded wooden produce bays, as well as extended energy efficient chillers.

There will also be improved point-of-sale displays and store signage.

“We’re excited to be undertaking these upgrades and welcome the community to visit our new store from Saturday, 14 November and share their feedback about the store experience,” an ALDI spokesperson said.

While ALDI Toormina is temporarily closed, shoppers can visit ALDI Coffs Harbour for their grocery needs.

ALDI Toormina’s normal operating hours will remain the same upon its reopening.

3 thoughts on “ALDI refurbishes another Coffs Coast supermarket

  1. Aldi is stupid, it still hasn’t opened any stores in Townsville, Queensland a city of over 229,000 people. What is wrong with you Aldi?? for real.

  2. Hello There
    Can’t believe how bad the new shop layout is.
    Park beach shop is all wrong.
    Fresh food and dairy is first up, how wrong is that!
    The shopping order needs to be:-
    First canned foods, then boxed and dried foods.
    Other goods.
    Dairy, fresh food then frozen goods.
    How hard is this to work out.
    Have the marketeers got the twisted heads into the layout.
    Please get someone with a normal brain.
    Oh and lastly how about changing the decor so it doesn’t feel like your in a mausoleum.
    Black isn’t very upbeat or inspiring.
    Thanks Eddie

  3. Yeah Look Aldi likes to keep its stores ..closer to the Main Centres
    Townsville bena remote…it just doesent get up that far!!!.

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