An eleven-year-olds ode to Hawks Nest


CAN you imagine looking out your window and seeing crystal blue water and golden beaches with warm sand with the hint of some greenery?

Can you imagine fishing spots, restaurants and walks along the water?

If you can, you are probably thinking of Hawks Nest.

It is the perfect holiday destination for relaxation, fishing and much more fun things to do.

As you near the beach you can hear the beautiful sound of crashing waves and the sound of jet boats.

You can smell the strong scent of salt and seaweed.

The warm sand is the perfect thing to lay on.

The beach water is lukewarm and is perfect for a little paddle.

Want to learn to surf?

Just go to the surf club.

You can go on walks up the beach or even go fishing.

The beaches are packed full of activities.

The wharves are perfect fishing spots.

You can relax with a fishing rod while listening to the quiet hum of boats and the gentle splashing of the water.

If you look you might even see a little school of fish or the local jelly blubber floating around.

There are plenty of hotels or little holiday houses.

The holiday houses have gardens and some are even pet friendly.

You can walk to the restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a little snack.

There are pathways along the water, for a nice morning walk.

It’s an enchanting sight as the sunset reflects on the water.

You can go for walks to the beach from some holiday houses.

You can even hear amazing sounds of the beach from some houses.

There is a pretty little pathway that leads past the golf club and up to the beach.

You can hire miniature motor boats and sail around an astounding river.

You could sail to the middle of the river where all the fish are and go fishing.

There are lots of shiny dolphins and you might spot some.

My ambition is to let you know about paradise and why you should pack your bags and go to Hawks Nest.


By Joel DAVIS, 11, Pacific Hills Christian School, Sydney.

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