An oasis of flora and fauna experienced on Fire Recovery Walk in Nana Glen

Rehabilitated wildlife haven.


COFFS BY Nature, Coffs Harbour City Council’s Sustainable Living Program, held a Fire Recovery walk with Nana Glen Landcare at the Coldwater Creek Travelling Stock Reserve (TSR) on 31 July.

The dedicated and passionate volunteers of Nana Glen Landcare have been rehabilitating this unique piece of bush land since 2018, along with caring for the reserve after the devastating Liberation Trail bushfire that hit the Orara Valley in 2019.

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With help from an Environmental Levy grant from Coffs Harbour City Council, the reserve has been transformed into an oasis of native flora and fauna.

The walk included an informative presentation delivered by Landcare volunteer Adam Rees starting with the initial assessment of the weed infested travelling stock reserve, to the rehabilitated wildlife haven it is today.

The group ventured into the reserve to appreciate the resilience of the bush, observe the revegetation progress, along with a spot of bird watching.

Adam Rees told News Of The Area, “We found some significant old growth habitat trees, including Lowland Swamp Box, Ironbark, Blue Gums and Tallowwood.

“We later learnt that there are over 40 different species of tree, bush and grasses on this block.

“The site has records of a number of endangered fauna.

“There are recent sightings of the following species within 50 metres of the TSR: Giant barred frog (Mixophyes iteratus), Black-necked Stork (Ephippiorhynchus), Glossy black cockatoo, as well as many other vulnerable species.

“The rehabilitation of this reserve, which also serves as a corridor from the Orara River to the Bagawa State Forest to the west, will enhance and connect available habitat for these species.”

Attendees were also treated to a first look at interpretive signage that will be placed in the reserve to educate visitors on local fauna species including the powerful owl, land mullets, wallabies and rosellas.

“There are no Koalas on this site, but we’re re-establishing their ideal environment for when they do return to our valley.

“We are grateful to Council for their ongoing partnership for this project site, and for helping us with buying equipment, such as a trailer with a water tank and pump,” said Adam.




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