Annual Pindimar Thong Throwing Competition results

SPORT_Thong Throw_PY


THANKS to all who participated in this Free Competition held Saturday 4th November, 2017. Nineteen Trophies in Ten Divisions were up for grabs!

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Usually it’s the youngsters who ” throng to throw thongs” but this year the X & Y Generationsplus the “Baby Boomer” & “Builder” Generation (born pre 1945) queued to “Have a Go!” with some unexpected results.

Results were as follows.

3yrs/Under: Girls: Kayleigh Thompson (20 mths) – 1.08m (Hawks Nest) – new residents & so Mum was delighted – something for the Baby Book! (The boys backed off!)

6yrs/Under: Girls: Alicia Mitchell – 8.10m (Bundabah) – I’m still recovering from the cuddles!

Boys: Chace White – 5.50m (The Branch) – Dad was most impressed with Chace’s effort! Thanks Dad for the donation!

7-10yrs: Girls: Addison Rohowicz – 10.62m (East Maitland) – Mum appreciated the posting of the trophy!

Boys: Braiden Dvorik – 18.65m (Tea Gardens) – what a Mighty Throw!

11-14yrs: Girls: Alicia McCabe – 10.20m (Bundabah) – Another Surprised Winner!

Boys: Jackson Gibbs – 15.65m (Pindimar) – At Last!

15-19yrs Senior “Z” Generation: Boys: Ryan Jones – 21.90m (Sydney)….. Grandpa won last year!

(the Girls were too shy this year!)

“Y” Generation: Babes: Casey Wadwell – 15.80m (Bundabah) -Totally Chuffed!

Dudes: Nick Van Baal – 19m (Islington) – So was he!

“X” Generation: Gals: Maria Duroux – 13.33.3m (Tea Gardens)

Fellers: Paul Perry – 21.95m (Tea Gardens) – Suspect they are Both still Celebrating!

“Baby Boomers”: Birds: Sandy Snape – 15.02 (Pindimar) – Yay for the SES! – Greg, your turn next year!

Blokes: Glen Croaker – 18.60m (Pindimar) – Hope to see you defend your title in 2018!

“Builders” Generation: (born pre 1945 & living life to the fullest!): Dames: Pauline Perry: 11.14m (Tea Gardens)

Gents: Maurice Maitland – 17.44m (East Maitland)

Suspect these trophies decorate the back shed & are destined to be handed down in a Will as family treasures for Gt Grandkids!!

“Workers Team Perpetual” Trophy: Dal and Peter “Bones” Ding – accumulated 28.50m (Bundabah)…… 2nd Time Guys! Who will challenge in 2018?

Hope to see you all next year. For new players – everyone is allowed practice throws & best score of 3 is recorded.

Just turn up between about 9am & 12.30pm. Munch on a sausage sizzle or take part in the home brew beer comp while sizing up your opposition!

As I “create” all Trophies myself, donations of unwanted thongs would be appreciated – all sizes & singles from the beach accepted!




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