Baby koala Frieda whose mother was hit by a car in Coffs Harbour is thriving in WIRES care

Supplied by Zaiga Deist: Veterinarian Stephen Deist with Frieda when she came into care


A SMALL step towards protecting koalas was taken recently when State Parliament voted to investigate koala habitat and population, including the proposal to create the Great Koala National Park.

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The Park would protect koalas by creating a corridor across five local government areas, joining existing public land.

“Any preservation of habitat has to be good,” said Zaiga Deist, Koala Coordinator for WIRES.

She told News Of The Area, “Because koalas are territorial we have to release them near where they were found.

“It can be quite upsetting if that’s in an area we think logging is going to happen.

“And even if they’re not injured during the logging, the stress of it happening nearby can cause diseases like chlamydia to flare up, which has a severe impact on koalas’ health,” Zaiga said.

It can be difficult to determine the exact numbers of koalas killed as a result of habitat destruction because their bodies may not always be found.

One area more in the public eye is Hogbin Drive, which is known for koala fatalities.

“Frieda, a baby koala, came into care in early July after her mother was hit by a car on Hogbin Drive,” Zaiga said.
“Luckily, she’s now doing ok.”

“She is very inquisitive and likes to climb onto my head.”

Creating protected environments for koalas can be a lengthy process.

“On a smaller scale, there are still things that can be done right now to help koalas survive,” said Zaiga.

“For example, it would great if landowners thought about it before clearing all their trees.”

“Even leaving a couple of mature trees would help, because koalas need them to be over 20 years old.”

“And because koala breeding season starts this month, August, it means there will be more koalas on our roads, so drivers need to be extra careful,” she said.




Supplied by Zaiga Deist: Frieda, now aged seven months.

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