Backyard Sports report on Tea Gardens people training at home

Kodee (aged 13), Saskia (aged 10) and Malakai (aged 7) all play football for Wallsend-West Newcastle AFL Club and are training at home.


MOST local sports activities are sensibly on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions, so NOTA is reporting on backyard sporting feats by locals.

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This week’s sport report is about the Nelson family from Medowie with Mum, Mel, working at the Tea Gardens Boatshed.

Kodee (aged 13), Saskia (aged 10) and Malakai (aged 7) all play football for Wallsend-West Newcastle AFL Club.

With the local football competition suspended until 31 May 2020, the three are training hard in the backyard, practicing their running, ball skills, circle work and sprints.

In between workouts and from far away, NOTA interviewed the three young sports stars.

Malakai, the youngest, shared, “I miss running around and kicking goals with my team but I am still training hard in the backyard and in the local park.”

Saskia advised NOTA that, “I don’t get to play with my friends but I am training with my brothers which is funny but OK.”

The eldest, Kodee, stated, “We all get outside in the park next door and have a kick but I am also enjoying riding my bike around.”

Across the Myall Coast region, community sports have been suspended to comply with NSW Public Health Orders.
The NSW Government has issued guidelines supporting how people can go outside to exercise safely.

Allowed outside exercises include walking in family groups and/or pairs, bike riding, tennis, golf, fishing and surfing.

Note outdoor playgrounds are closed, as are public BBQ areas, community pools and skate parks until further notice.

Experts at the NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) have some great ideas to help people maintain their physical and mental wellbeing at home.

Check out their website: High Performance at Home.

The Government is urging Australians to exercise during this time.

Please send your backyard sporting photos and feats to


By Sandra MURRAY


Kodee (aged 13), Saskia (aged 10) and Malakai (aged 7) staying fit, healthy and happy despite COVID-19 restrictions.

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