Basketball and table tennis soon to be at Bellwood Park, with more welcome additions planned

Concrete slab ready at Bellwood Park.


NEWS Of The Area spoke recently with Matt Leibrandt, Manager of Infrastructure Services for Nambucca Valley Council, regarding the concrete slab that has been laid at Bellwood Park, positioned to the left of the toilet blocks.

In response to community feedback and youth enthusiasm for a basketball court to be located in Nambucca Heads, Council has responded.

Considerable planning has gone into the design and position of the court, with Mr Leibrandt stating that, “The main issue was noise and passive surveillance.

“The court needed to be visible from the road.

“Council were also worried about the caravan park for noise, but after consultation regarding the positioning of the ring the park was happy.”

A contractor had been organised to install basketball rings and put a surface on the courts shortly after News Of The Area spoke to Mr Leibrandt.

“It’s that textured rubberised finish so it is a little bit easier on the feet.

“It’s not full rubber.

“To make it a bit easier on the joints.”

Tucked up in a corner near the new basketball court is an outdoor table tennis table.

According to Mr Leibrandt the court is positioned up the top to keep it out of the wind.

“Because Nambucca is a pretty windy place.

“We might need to plant a few more screeners up there.
“We will see how it goes.”

Bellwood Cafe, located opposite Bellwood Park, has agreed to hire out equipment for use at the table tennis courts.

“This park is one of our most popular family parks in the Valley, and definitely in Nambucca Heads.

“It is mainly set up for little kids.

“If we have a family coming down for a BBQ and they have 15 -16 yrs old with them there is nothing for them.

“So we figured here we go, here is something for them.”

“We have been doing a fair bit of work to this park.”

Mr Leibrandt also outlined some of the future plans for Bellwood Park, saying that shade cloth will be extended once funding is found, gym equipment will be put elsewhere and a “Corkscrew slippery dip will be put where gym equipment is now”.

This slippery dip is being added because there is not a big kids slippery dip at the park.

Mr Leibrandt said that the new one will be for, “The 8-12 age group because the little one is a bit boring for them.”

There will be a structure similar to the recycled timber climber at Gordon park also added to Bellwood Park.



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