Before and during a bushfire: look out for each other

You can visit to download and complete the Get Ready plan, and the 30-second survey to register is there also.


AS households complete their bushfire Get Ready plan this week, MidCoast Council is urging everyone to register their plan via a 30 second survey.

“We want every home on the MidCoast to have a bushfire survival plan this year, so make sure you, your family and your neighbours get ready following the steps on your household copy of the Get Ready plan,” said Mayor David West.

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You can visit to download and complete the Get Ready plan, and the 30-second survey to register is there also.

“The survey only asks two questions – do you have a Get Ready plan?, and your postcode. “Nothing could be easier – and it’s anonymous,” said Mayor West.

“Importantly, it helps us understand which regions have Get Ready plans in place, and where we might need to provide further assistance to help people Get Ready.”

A five week campaign is underway to guide you through the five steps to Get Ready, focusing this week on step 5 – looking out for each other.

“MidCoast people have big hearts – and they’re very good at pulling together in tough times.

“I have no doubt that now we’ve worked through the steps to prepare our own bushfire survival plans, everyone will embrace this final step – looking out for those around us who may need help to put their plans in place.”

Share the bushfire survival information with your family, friends, neighbours and those who may need assistance – especially older neighbours, and people with a disability.

There’s handy information to share with people with a disability, on the Resilience NSW website at

Make sure older neighbours have prepared their homes for bushfire season, and they have completed the Get Ready plan.

“Write down the names and phone numbers of anyone who is vulnerable, or may need your help during a fire emergency – it’s the last item on your bushfire survival plan.

“In an emergency, make sure you call them early and help them leave early too.

“It’s important to have conversations with family, friends and neighbours before an emergency happens – it can help everyone be more prepared.”

If you are recovering from last year’s bushfires, please visit or call 7955 7777.

If reminders of the bushfires are causing issues for you, please call the Mental Healthline on 1800 011 511.

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