Bill Taylor’s Memoirs – A Baby Boomers Life Recollections

Bill Taylor with his book in front of the mini fire engine he created.
Bill Taylor with his book in front of the mini fire engine he created.


THEY broke the mould when they made Bill Taylor.

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Bill is certainly unique, he is also one of the most beloved members of the Medowie Rural Fire Brigade and a friend to many in the town itself.

He’s built mini replica fire engines for our young people to enjoy at fire station open days, and he’s created a very special toy for Medowie’s young Carter Goodwin.

Bill is a true character, and there’s a lot more to Bill than you may have heard around town.

Bill has put pen to paper and written down his many memoirs in a book titled “A Fortunate Boomer: A ‘Baby Boomers’ Life Recollections”.

The reason Bill wanted to write his story is simple.

It’s all about family.

Bill told News Of The Area, “I was inspired to write my story for my Grandkids and Great Grandkids and their kids eventually.”

“So that they knew what it was like for me growing up in the 50’s until now, and also my good fortune along the way.”

From being born in the Sydney suburb of Bankstown in 1946 to a serious cancer scare in more recent times, and everything in between, Bill has written his memoirs with the same humour and attention to detail that he shows anyone who is lucky enough to have a conversation with him.

For those of you who don’t know, Bill spent most of his life in the Ambulance Service.

That alone fills many pages, as you can guess.

You can imagine the many situations Bill has found himself in during his career as an “Ambo”, but as you read along, you also find out about the politics of the job.

Bill’s take is presented in a frank and honest fashion that leaves you in no doubt what he thinks.

In this era of looking ahead, it is nice to see that someone like Bill understands the importance of looking back.

We’re sure his great, great, great grandchildren will be very appreciative when the time comes.

At the next fire station event, find Bill and ask him for a copy of his book.

And don’t forget his autograph!


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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  1. My dad is an absolutely amazing man. He has and always will be my hero. His grandchildren and great grandchildren absolutely idolize him. He is one of the most inspirational men that I know

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