Boat Harbour Residents have No Mobile Phone Reception

Councillors Jaimie Abbott and Sarah Smith who are concerned about the lack of mobile phone reception in Boat Harbour. Photo by Marian Sampson.
Councillors Jaimie Abbott and Sarah Smith who are concerned about the lack of mobile phone reception in Boat Harbour. Photo by Marian Sampson.


LEAVE a message is the all too familiar response received by those seeking to call residents of Boat Harbour.

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Residents in Boat Harbour are concerned that the switch to NBN will see no telecommunications available in the village area particularly in the event of a power outage.

There is also this issue of it taking longer to report accidents and incidents in the ocean.

There are many visitors to the area that stand on the rocks and may not be aware of the risks of freak waves or be able to deal with a rescue situation.

Port Stephens Mayor Ryan Palmer told News Of The Area, “It is worrying to hear that some people in Boat Harbour potentially do not have access to phone services in an emergency, this is a matter that needs to be rectified as soon as possible, and has gone on too long.”

He believes that the people of Boat Harbour deserve basic mobile phone reception.

Port Stephens Councillor Jaimie Abbott told News Of the Area, “The Federal Member for Paterson must put pressure on the Government to get this service improved.

“With residents experiencing delays in service delivery when switching to the NBN they are being left without working phones in Boat Harbour homes, which could become a vital issue in an emergency,” she said.

Councillor Sarah Smith said, “This is a ridiculous situation which Boat Harbour residents are facing, it impacts the ability of small businesses to operate in the area and endangers residents.”

There are also concerns within the community around people attending the Solace Garden at Boat Harbour and not being able to reach LifeLine which could put a vulnerable person at great risk.



4 thoughts on “Boat Harbour Residents have No Mobile Phone Reception

  1. I hope these two girls can break through and get things fixed for Boat Harbour. It’s been a long haul with multiple politicians trying for years and years!

  2. Exactly! And fed up with it!! We are in a hollow in Coryule st. So we have to go walk abouts to find reception. Or go driving . I have complained to telstra many time but to fall on deaf ears. There are quiet a few home based businesses here that can’t get calls for their businesses, I am one of them Thank you for your help

  3. My two daughters have just sold in Sydney and have both bought in BH!
    They also work from home and require mobile service!
    Has anything happened to improve this?

  4. Great to hear that a tower is finally proposed for the area, troubled to hear that its currently proposed to go in next door to a childcare in Clark st. Those poor kids health are at risk due to the radiation exposure not to mention the people that live up there

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