Bob Macklinshaw Tea Gardens response to a Jasminder article about a reader’s mother’s panic purchases


Dear News Of The Area,

Miss JS’s recent note to (News Of The Area’s) Jasminda, concerning her mother’s panic purchases was both timely and thought provoking.

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I regularly read Carpe Diem, Jasminda’s responses, albeit occasionally seemingly which are “tongue in cheek”. Just thought what I might say in the circumstances.

Well if you were exposed to the Great Depression, JS just might rationalise her mum’s anxiety. But even if you weren’t, the gloom and doom architects of the Y2K bug caused mass panic in industry, which turned out to be a gigantic furphy. Indeed, someone with whom I’d haggled across the Industrial Relations table with for a long time and whom I’d come to believe did his homework and was not always wrong and whom I had not heard from for nearly a decade rang me on the eve of the predicted Y2k bug catastrophe, to tell me to fill my bathtub with water, because there would be a critical shortage of water when the all the computer systems failed. With the benefit of hindsight, I filled my liquor cabinet instead. And got that one right.

But JS, we are a resourceful lot and if you have ever been caught short in the bush, the duplicitous uses of a gum tree twig and leaves renders toilet paper redundant. I’d be more concerned if your mum was planting gum trees and building an outdoor dunny.

FOOTNOTE: Miss JS, If mum starts purchasing mountains of candles and truckloads of firewood, then you will know that the climate change fantasy has kicked in also.

Bob Macklinshaw
Tea Gardens

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