Brad Christensen congratulated Dr David Gillespie

Dr David Gillespie
Dr David Gillespie


Dear News Of The Area,

FIRSTLY let me congratulate Dr Gillespie on his re-election to the seat of Lyne.

I want to applaud everyone who made their vote count in our recent Federal Election. This shows that you, like myself, are interested in where our country is heading.

Being as passionate as I am about our electorate, and wanting to make change, I stood as your Independent Candidate.  Yesterday I wanted more.  But today I know that my supporters and I did well. The result we achieved was excellent; 9.40% currently, with a small number yet to be counted.

I again thank my wonderful family and friends who helped throughout the campaign and those who assisted on Election Day. I certainly couldn’t have done this without your help and belief in me.

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The knowledge and new life experiences I’ve gained over the past months is invaluable and very special to me. Meeting new people who wanted to support me, just on the issues I was standing for, and handing out for me at pre-poll and Election Day, has been both encouraging and extremely humbling. I thank you all.

I remain passionate about giving Rural and Regional areas a strong voice.  Hopefully you may hear from me again. I thank everyone who gave me their vote, but for now it’s back to work until perhaps we meet again at your businesses, future candidate nights, social media or walking the streets of Lyne.


Brad Christensen

Former Candidate for seat of Lyne


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