Breakfast Club’ receives much needed donation

BREAKFAST CLUB: Donation from the Grange Craft group to the Red Cross.
BREAKFAST CLUB: Donation from the Grange Craft group to the Red Cross.


AS we near the end of 2017 it’s a great time to reflect on the generosity of the Myall Community.

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Take for instance the volunteers from Red Cross who wake up early three mornings a week to put breakfast on the table at Tea Gardens Primary School.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning you’ll find the “Breakfast Club” providing that much needed kick start to the day for more than 50 school children.

“We’ve been doing it for 13 years,” Jenny Kelly from the Red Cross told News Of The Area.

“When the bus arrives, it’s whoosh,” Jenny said describing the influx of students ready to tuck in.

But it’s not all about the food.

“The children, sign in, wash their hands, and sit at the table to eat,” Jenny said.

And it’s not just vegemite toast on the menu, there’s platters of fresh fruit, cheeses, cereal, everything that makes up a healthy breakfast.

It also gives the children time to socialise with their mates and interact with older members of the community.

While the members of the Red Cross donate their time, and a number of local businesses help out, it still costs money to feed 50 children three days a week.

Recently members of the Grange Art and Craft Group donated $1,000 to the ‘Breakfast Club’.

Lynda Curran and Mary Cooper from the Grange only too happy to ensure the ongoing success of the initiative.

It’s well worth noting that next year the “Breakfast Club” will be mostly self-funded, donations such as the cheque from the Grange vital to keeping ‘brekkie’ on the table for our children of the Myall.



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