Bridge Club Visit from David Gillespie MP, Federal Member for Lyne

Dr Gillespie, Linda Conroy and Glenn Conroy, President Hawks Nest Bridge Club.
Dr Gillespie, Linda Conroy and Glenn Conroy, President Hawks Nest Bridge Club.


Hawks Nest Bridge Club

ON Friday 13 October, members of Hawks Nest Bridge Club (HNBC) made welcome Dr Gillespie during the first round of our Club Championships, where it was announced that the HNBC was a successful applicant under the Federal Government’s Assistance Programme for Stronger Communities.

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An amount of $5,000 will be matched by the HNBC and used to assist in fitting out the new clubhouse which is currently under construction in Yamba St, Hawks Nest.

Dr Gillespie stressed the importance of keeping one’s brain active in later years and acknowledged that playing card games, such as Bridge or learning a language or to play a musical instrument, helped delay the onset of dementia.

In this regard, the grant money will deliver social benefits to our community.

After speaking briefly with the members and sharing cake to celebrate Shirley Pearson’s birthday, the club president, Glenn Conroy accompanied Dr Gillespie to the building site, where the builder, Peter Worth kindly allowed access and provided commentary on the construction.

Dr Gillespie was very impressed with the long-arched roof span and openness of the building.

Anyone watching the progress of our clubhouse will see, it has now reached lock-up stage and interior works, well underway.

As the Grange Auditorium, where the HNBC has been fortunate to hold its regular sessions for many years, will soon be refurbished for the Grange Residents and no longer available, Bridge sessions will be held in the Greens Room at the Golf Club from the end of October until the start of the Christmas School Holidays, when our Clubhouse is completed.

Although our Clubhouse in Yamba Street will be used primarily for Bridge activities it is anticipated that it will be utilised by other like-minded groups who have been showing an interest in this wonderful venue.

This building has been a long-term dream and only made possible through the generosity and hard work of club members, and with other fundraising assistance from the community, Australian Bridge Federation (ABF) and Federal, State and Local Governments.



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