Bridge on Foreshore Drive, Salamander Bay to replace culvert and create safe pedestrian access

An example of an InQuik Bridge which differs from the one to be installed on Foreshore Drive which will have horizontal rails and will be manufactured in stainless steel.


PORT Stephens Council is using a prefabricated solution to the washed out road on Foreshore Drive at Salamander Bay.

The culvert was washed out in March and Foreshore Drive has been shut for an extended period of time.

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The washed out culvert is being replaced by a bridge.

However this is a bridge with a difference.

The bridge will arrive prefabricated and will be made in stainless steel to deal with the harsh conditions that the structure will be exposed to.

Port Stephens Mayor Cr Ryan Palmer told News Of The Area, “Piles are being designed for the muddy ground conditions and built prior to the bridge’s arrival to provide a stable platform on which the steel InQuik bridge ‘shell’ will be placed on.

“The placement is very quick and once in place, the bridge ‘shell’ will be filled with concrete and the only steel that will be visible will be on the sides and underneath.

“We will then place the railing on top and join the road up at either end,” he said.

The bridge will have dedicated pedestrian and bike access making the safety pinch point which the culvert represented a thing of the past for those on bikes and foot.

The bridge will also make it possible to walk from Little Beach to the jetty at Salamander Bay safely.

Locals are hoping that the health of the wetland will be improved with the installation of the bridge versus the replacement of the culvert.




The washed out foreshore drive culvert. Photo: Marian Sampson.

One thought on “Bridge on Foreshore Drive, Salamander Bay to replace culvert and create safe pedestrian access

  1. Great news that the road is getting a new bridge..
    Quick couple of questions for you
    Will cars be able to use the bridge as we used to drive this way at least 5 times a week.?
    When will this work be done?
    Kind Regards
    Heather Bakker

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