Bringing hope and trust back at Taylors Arm horse rescue farm

Clay works to bring health and trust back to the rescued horses at Burrapine Brumby, Horse & Livestock.


TAYLORS ARM has become home to an ever-transitioning number of animals requiring rescue, care and then rehoming.

This year, Jencie Martin and her husband, Jason, founded Burrapine Brumby, Horse & Livestock assisted by son Clay.

“Our aim is to recover and bring hope and trust back to many abused animals from the very small to the very large,” Jencie told News Of The Area.

“Situated in pristine Taylors Arm, we take on cases of abuse and neglect and nurse them back to health and allow them to trust and have faith in us again whilst then finding them their perfect forever home.

“As long as I can remember I have rescued animals while at the same time driving my family nuts.

“But it breaks my heart to see any animal in pain or in an unstable situation, and although there are options like the RSPCA it often takes a long time and often, in my experience, the animal is not removed.

“Here I offer a no-questions surrender system.

“No matter why or how you got there, I am willing to invest in these animals and take them on no matter what without judgement.”

Jencie and Jason have offered Highland Hills Farm Stays this year and as part of this they offer farm tours which they use as an educational opportunity to teach the public about the plight of rescue animals and how people can invest in their futures.

“I have found time and again that these animals understand what we have done and how we are investing in them, and they pay us back with love and loyalty like no other animal I have ever met.”

Jencie and Jason specialise in livestock but have a real passion for brumbies and horses.

“Our son Clay restarts and re-educates them, avoiding the old school mentality of ‘breaking them’ but rather he educates them.

“Our passion is to teach the public what it means to rescue an animal and give them solutions.

“Here in our valley in the last three years we have gone through drought, flood, bush fire and storms.

“Requiring rescue can be a matter of circumstance, sometimes that is out of our control.

“We saw this when we took on five foals and three horses from the Tamworth drought prior to the bushfires.

“These animals were so weak and starved but there was little their owner could do so we gave them the opportunity to re-home to us where we brought them back to health and re-homed them all to forever homes.

“In late 2020 we received a truck load of brumbies unhandled straight out of the Oxley Park where their futures were bleak and destined to doggers in most situations.”

Clay worked with each individual, providing basic education and then offering them for adoption.

“Our aim is to educate the public on the needs of many animals whilst caring for them and finding their forever homes,” said Jencie.

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