Brisbane 2 Sydney walk for Salvos comes through Nambucca Valley

Tim Koloi and Will Neisler hiking through Nambucca


THE SEED was sown for 15-year-old Will Neisler to walk from Brisbane to Sydney when he heard about actor Samuel Johnson uni-cycling around Australia in 2014.

“I woke up one morning feeling I wanted to do something big like that, too.

“I decided on a big walk.”

Will enlisted the help of his mate, former Queensland Police Officer Tim Koloi, 46, and the pair began to plan.

Seeing an opportunity to raise money for charity early on, they chose The Salvation Army with a particular interest in mental health and homeless programs, hoping to raise $50,000.

With 1,200kms in their sights they left Brisbane on April 21.

Walking towards Nambucca Heads, along Valla Beach 23 days later, Will and Tim encountered great local support and a thunderous drenching.

“The beach walk from Urunga to Valla was a dream, all bar the storm we encountered at Valla Beach,” Tim told News Of The Area.

“The people we spoke to were so supportive and offered friendly advice on the path ahead of us; and the scenery made me feel so at peace.

“I love it.

“I suffer from PTSD so I’m not a good sleeper, and I really enjoy my early mornings,” said Tim
Before bedding-down at sunset Will edits entertaining up-date videos and posts on TikTok and Instagram.

“(It’s) for people following our journey,” he said.

With a strong supporter network, the guys find beds with friends, or visit recommended hostels.

They buy their food en route and have supplies of jerky given to them by local Brisbane butcher, Capalaba Fresh Meat & Poultry, the manager of which has offered young Will a job in the future.

The pair generally start their day off in a talkative mood.

“Around midday it goes quiet,” said Will, adding, “Then we’re all chatty again by the end of the day.”

“I enjoy my own thoughts and the tranquillity,” said Tim.

“I started thinking existential thoughts about twelve years ago, asking the bigger questions, and I wasn’t satisfied with the answers.

“Now I find peace in nature, and think.”

Follow Will on @aussie-legend1 (Instagram and TikTok) and Tim on YouTube @Tim_ez_eh.




Tim and Will traversing Valla Beach, “We just had the heaviest afternoon storm bucket upon us,” said Tim.

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