Building company, MAAP House held its first opening day

Hunter based building company, MAAP House
Hunter based building company, MAAP House

WITH so much development going on in and around Medowie and the surrounding areas, Hunter based building company, MAAP House is putting it’s focus into the local area.

The company held its first Open Day on 7 May and was attended by numerous people from all around the local area.

People had the opportunity to walk through the house, inspect the kitchen and bathrooms, the living areas and the three large bedrooms and got to see the high quality finishes.

The prototype MAAP House, at Woodberry, was built in the time-frame of eight weeks on site after the panels and kitchen and bathroom were built in a factory and then transported to site.

A panel with the Dulux paint system was available for visitors to draw lipstick, permanent markers or crayons on and then to their surprise these marks were then removed easily with a cloth.

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This paint system has been used throughout the house on the fireproof and insulated panels.

There was a comments book available on the day which allowed the visitors to discuss what they appreciated about the innovative house.

One of the many good comments was made by Nick from Izzat Engineers, “Looks awesome. Like a new custom architectural home, and not at all like a kit home.”

MAAP House is able to be adapted to any design that would suit a family’s budget and lifestyle due to the modular, pre-fabricated hybrid system.

All members of the public are welcome to attend the next MAAP House Open Day on the 2 July from 12 – 3 pm at 102 Lawson Avenue, Woodberry.

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