Building High school for Medowie is still a possibility

Medowie residents vocal about the desire
Medowie residents vocal about the desire

OUR Local MP, Kate Washington, has always strongly advocated for a Medowie High School to be built.

The fight for Medowie High School has been going on since the 1980’s and continues to frustrate locals.

Last week in parliament, budget estimates were discussed, and Ministers were required to answer questions.

Kate Washington contacted News Of The Area to discuss an interesting statement made by the The NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli.

When Piccoli was asked what his current position on a public high school for Medowie was, and for the first time, it wasn’t completely ruled out.

Is it possible the door is slightly ajar?

“For the first time we have not seen a blank refusal from this government – it’s a glimmer of hope, and I’m going to keep driving the wedge,” Kate Washington told News Of The Area.

Hansard (the report of the proceedings of the Australian parliament and its committees) provided the following transcript:

Hon. Courtney Houssos (Labor MLC): “Minister what is your current position on a public high school in Medowie?”

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Education Minister Adrian Piccoli: “I know it was an election commitment made by the Labor Opposition and I know the previous member had lobbied me about it, as has the current member lobbied me about a high school in Medowie. That’s it.”

Hon. Courtney Houssos (Labor MLC): “Your [Department] Secretary earlier referred to a 15 year plan for new schools. Does Medowie figure in that plan?”

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli: “Well look I don’t want to give all our secrets away. As I said there are 22 projects which have not been announced yet plus most of the billion dollars set aside for schools under the polls and wire transaction and they will be announced in due season”

It is a small glimmer of hope, and perhaps not one to feel positive about just yet, but we remain hopeful that Medowie will be granted the choice of education for all – instead of just options that suit some.


By Rachael VAUGHAN


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