Bulahdelah Central School Students take part in community car wash

The Bulahdelah Central School’s MC (Multi Category) Group washing the Police vehicle.


LOCAL Police Officers Ash Ray and Trevor McLeod have been making positive community connections with a group of Bulahdelah Central School (BCS) students.

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On this occasion, BSC’s Multi Category (MC) classes were invited to participate in a community car wash.

The excursion for the MC classes was first conceived over a cup of tea in the well-being staff room a few weeks ago between Ash, Trevor and MC teacher Micheala Sawtell.

“The two local boys in blue were taking a short break from labouring here at BCS for the ‘Go-getters’ on their playground improvement design project.

“The date was made and the students were looking forward to the opportunity,” said Micheala.

The event started with the students being shown around the Police station, including the technology in the Police car and then, with a little bit of elbow grease, they put a shine on the Police vehicle.

The occasion was particularly special for our Year 12 student Harrison ‘Hughesy’ Hughes, who was nearing the end of his time at BCS at the time.

“Hughesy took the lead in preparing the materials for the car wash, filling buckets, handing out sponges and taking the lead role of rinsing the Police vehicle with the hose.

“The students are to be commended on their respect, attention and hard work while washing the Police car.

“We would like to thank our local police officers for their good nature, effort and commitment.

“These activities with our BCS students help to strengthen relationships with our young community,” said Micheala.


Local Policeman Ash Ray with Jaymii Ray of year 8.

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