Bulahdelah families head to snow for cold snap

The month of July has seen the heaviest snow falls on the Barrington Tops in over a decade and the lowest recorded day temperature of 7.5 degrees in Bulahdelah.

Josiah Reitsma
Josiah Reitsma

It was felt severely on Friday 17 July but for the last two weeks there has been a cold air mass  from the south, which has been dubbed the “Antartic Vortex” which meant that icy conditions have been endured and enjoyed by the locals.

Many Bulahdelah families took the opportunity to head up to the Barrington Tops National Park  to see the snow on the weekends of 11-12 July and 18-19 July.

The Barrington Tops Forest Road (Gloucester to Scone) was heavy with traffic as families parked and got out to play in the snow.

The scene was one of snowmen, snowballs being thrown and hearing the crunch of the snow under foot as families walked amongst snow covered ferns and native trees in the National Park.

But due to the snowy conditions and icy roads, road closures were in place and signs were posted that 4X4 vehicles only were allowed to proceed to the higher altitudes.

Salome Reitsma
Salome Reitsma

There has been reported a number of vehicle breakdowns, and cars rolling or getting bogged.

A Gloucester local reported that there was a lot of snow on the top of Barrington Tops but without a snow plough or roads that are designed to cater to hundreds of 4X4 visiting the park the roads have deteriorated.

Police were forced to issue a warning to motorists to take extreme caution.

It was a great opportunity to see a winter wonderland in our own backyard.

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