Bulahdelah hit-and-run victim calls for tougher laws

Sharon Beatson is still recovering from injuries she sustained in the collision.
Sharon Beatson is still recovering from injuries she sustained in the collision.

A VICTIM of an alleged hit-and-run collision which occurred in Bulahdelah last month, is calling for tougher penalties to be applied to the offence.

Sharon Beatson said she is still battling injuries she sustained when according to Ms Beatson the driver failed to give way at an intersection and collided with her vehicle.

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“It all happened so quickly, this guy ran the give way sign next to the fruit shop at massive speed, all I saw out of the corner of my eye was something blue, and then slam,” Sharon said.

“It hit me with such massive impact that my head whacked the column and bent over.”

Ms Beatson told News Of The Area that the driver immediately fled the scene in his damaged car leaving her trapped in her mangled vehicle which was leaking petrol.

Witnesses helped Sharon to safety.

The offending driver was later identified from his number plate, which had fallen off as a result of the impact, and was issued two fines for the offence.

Sharon told News Of The Area she was horrified when informed the offender had retained his licence and was still driving.

“I couldn’t stop shaking, I was already a complete mess, my car was totalled, I’ve got massive whiplash and back injuries, and then I’m told that he gets two fines and walks away,” she said.

“I’ve been without a car, lost masses of work and 1000s of dollars in income and now have to work shorter hours because of the injuries.”

Local police have confirmed the offending driver was issued two infringement notices imposing a monetary fine and accumulation of six demerit points to his driver’s licence.

“He was dealt with in accordance with provisions of the Road Transport Act 2013 No 18,” Sn Constable McLeod said.

“I understand the lady’s frustration, however police have to work within a framework and have done so on this occasion.”

Sharon said friends have been in contact with local MPs Kate Washington and Stephen Bromhead about “the whole injustice of the system”.

“Someone can leave another person for dead trapped in a car and drive away and that’s it,” Sharon said.

“My life was turned upside down in two seconds, it hasn’t ruined his life, but it has sure as hell ruined mine.”


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  1. Sharon you would still be in heaps of pain how you manage with the pain is inspiring to others like myself.this is not about me its about you. Please phone me on my mobile thinking of you always. Alan

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