Bulahdelah Scout hall with new kitchen and appliances

The Scout Hall in Bulahdelah has had a makeover due to a brand new kitchen as well as appliances being installed.

Joeys, Charlie Garemyn and Ezra Hammerl cooking in the Scout kitchen.
Joeys, Charlie Garemyn and Ezra Hammerl cooking in the Scout kitchen.

On Monday 24 August, the Joeys and their leaders enjoyed using the kitchen for the first time and cooked up a feast of garlic bread, pancakes and biscuits.

Jayden Watling
Jayden Watling

The kitchen was bought and installed due to the Community Building Partnership Grant.

This is a grant offered through the NSW government and the electorate of Myall Lakes.

“This grant program is an opportunity for community groups to receive funding for infrastructure projects that benefit their local communities,” Mr Bromhead states on the Stephen Bromhead MP website.

The Bulahdelah Scouts have also been busy painting the hall and soon a new roof will be built.

Bulahdelah Scouts are rebuilding their numbers this year too.

They now have leaders for Joeys and Cubs and there are a regular for children who attend.

Scout Leader, Kingfisher, Nicky Hammerl encourages more children to attend and come along and join in camps, excursions and badge work.

They meet on Monday nights at 7pm.

Scout Leader Chip, Joey Ezra Hammerl, Joey Leader Kingfisher and Joey Charlie Garemyn.
Scout Leader Chip, Joey Ezra Hammerl, Joey Leader Kingfisher and Joey Charlie Garemyn.

Being a member of Scouts also has the benefit of being able to attend the Australian Jamboree 2016.

This is a national Scout event where 10,000 scouts are expected and 3,000 leaders.

Jayden Watling, 11 years old from Bulahdelah, is excited about going to this event.

He has been attending Wingham Scouts to participate in Scout activities and badge work and also Bulahdelah Scouts.

Group Leader, Spook, explained that there has to be commitment shown to be able to attend the National Camp.

“Jayden will have been a member of Scouts for one year and has put effort into completing badge work.”

Group Leader, Spook or Dave, is available to receive calls of interested Joeys, Cubs and Scouts.

Please call 0408 973 747 for more information.

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