Bungwahl Public School with the Kookaburra Kids

Some loud and strong voices were heard drifting from Bungwahl Public School on Friday 14 August as the students were rehearsing for their upcoming musical, Kookaburra Kids.

It is the first time that this school has performed a musical in ten years and the children and staff are excited about presenting a very Australian performance.

Kookaburra Kids is a two act musical written by Judith Prior and includes many classic Australian songs like “I Am Australian”, “Waltzing Matilda” and “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gumtree”.

The story line is about students at an Australian camp discovering that the Mayor is planning to close the camp and redevelop the site.

The local residents then work together to save the camp.

The musical is very inclusive and creative as every student at the school has a role, whether it be in the choir or a lead acting role.

Miss Amy Crozier, the K-2 teacher, is the Director of the musical.

“This musical suits the nature of our school.

“Everyone has a role and we are studying Australian culture in the curriculum,” she said.

“It was hard doing all the line learning but now that it is coming together with music and action it is very exciting,” explains Amy.

Tegan Davis, a past student of Bungwahl Public School, helps on rehearsal days in a voluntary role.

She is interested in dance and music and works collaboratively with Miss Amy Crozier and assists students with actions and stage directions.

The play will be performed at Bungwahl Historic Hall on 2 September at 10am and on 3 September at 6:30pm.

Bungwahl Public School invite all members in the surrounding areas to come and sing along to some great Australian songs and enjoy the performances of the children.

Please contact the school for further information on 49976175.

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