C.ex Coffs Women’s Bowling Club

Angela Fryer, Robyn Groundwater, Rosemary Williams and Dot Heron


C.EX Coffs Women’s Bowling Club

4 A Side Pennant Winners

C.ex Coffs Women’s Bowling Club had another win during the 2021 Pennant season with their District 4 A Side Pennant team.

As the Mid North Coast District Women’s Bowls Pennants Championships were being played, there was another Championship underway called the “4 A Side Pennants” Championships.

The aim of this competition is to give bowlers the feel and rigor of Pennants under the care and experience of a competent Skip.

C.ex Coffs Women’s Bowling Club won this Championship under the leadership of Dot Heron.

Dot has been playing with C.ex Coffs Women’s Bowls for over 40 years and has won plenty of Championships, including State Pennants.

Dot’s team won all their games and were so far ahead that they did not have to play their final few games.

Congratulations to Dot and her team.

All members of C.ex Coffs Women’s Bowling Club are very proud and thrilled for you.



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