Cable works going on at Tilligerry

Coming to a node near you. Telstra upgrading their cable network.
Coming to a node near you. Telstra upgrading their cable network.


IF you have noticed ‘Telstra’ workers feeding brightly coloured cables into the ground around town you would have probably guessed the reason.

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News Of The Area spoke to a local crew on the street and they told us all cables and nodes are being inspected to see which type of connection is appropriate for each suburb, street or individual property.

“Some will get FTTN [Fibre To The Node] and then existing copper wire from there and others will be linked by FTTC [Fibre To The Curb].”

Apparently Telstra has a problem with grammar as Australians would prefer FTTK as the concrete gutter beside roads here is spelt kerb.

Curb is a word in our language which means to stop or regulate ie: to curb crime.

Sometime next year, possibly towards the end, it will all be done-and-dusted ready for you to connect.

To do this you will have to contact your current telco provider.

Want to know more? will paint the big picture for you and give you more specific details of how your suburb fits into the grand plan.



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