Can 3D printers revolutionise manufacturing on the Coffs Coast?

David Nevell shows a device manufactured on the 3D printer. Photo: David Tune.


MECHANICAL Engineer David Nevell has recently moved back to the Coffs Coast where his father’s family lived, bringing with him an innovative approach to manufacturing.

David has mastered using commercial 3D printing machines and design software to be able to create just about anything from spools or liquid pools of various types of plastic.

Utilising two different printer types he has been designing and producing models, prototypes and finished items for inventors who are keen to bring their ideas to reality quickly and cheaply.

Traditional manufacturing requires time and significant investment to design and create the tools to make the product, which can limit an inventor’s ability to bring their concepts to market, often stifling creative solutions to everyday problems.

With 3D printing design and manufacturing technology the costs of production can be reduced significantly, as well as speeding up the process, in some cases reducing the time from days to hours.

David believes that using 3D printing can be a game changer in local manufacturing.

“With this technology we can bring an idea from a concept right through to the market, and by solving design problems early in the process what we can achieve is limited only by the imagination of the designer,” he said.

David’s organisation,, assists inventors to design, develop, make and market new products in much less time and at lower cost than traditional methods.

Utilising less space and fewer overall resources, 3D print manufacturing can be set up virtually anywhere that there is electrical supply, and can be set up for small to medium sized components which can then be assembled into larger items if required.

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By David TUNE

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