Car maintenance advice for car owners in lockdown


WORKING from home and staying in has become the new normal, with statewide lockdown not expected to lift until 28 August.

Only leaving the house for essential food shopping can mean that driving is only necessary about once a week or so.

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This can spell trouble when car batteries go flat without regular charging that would come from driving.

A car battery can ideally last for at least a fortnight without driving before it becomes flat, however if the car has an old battery, this can be shortened to a week.

There is nothing worse than jumping in the car to go to work and not being able to get the engine to turn over.

To prevent your car’s battery from going flat while you’re working from home or self-isolating, start your car every second day and run it for 10-15 minutes at a fast idle to ensure the battery stays charged.

If you do get a flat battery, don’t panic.

If you have jumper leads, follow the instructions in your car’s user manual to connect them to a booster car battery for a quick power boost.

If you don’t have jumper leads or are wary of using them, calling roadside assistance is a wise move.

They will be able to jump start your car or replace the battery if it has completely died.



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