Car seized following Blockade Australia protests

Blockade Australia members continue to protest outside of Newcastle City Court. Photo: Blockade Australia.


ON Monday 6 December 2021, the NSW police confirmed that they have taken and intend to auction the car and personal property of Sasha, a 26-year-old climate activist.

Sasha was arrested and sentenced on suspicion of being involved in Blockade Australia’s mobilisation against the world’s largest coal port in Newcastle.

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Sasha was arrested on Wednesday 17 November driving in the Hunter Wetlands National Park.

Her matter has already been finalised in court where she received a twelve month non-association order with her partner, a 24-month Community Corrections Order, two convictions and thousands of dollars in fines.

Sasha, who has been travelling and mostly living out of her car, had most of her possessions seized two weeks ago.

The police are desperate to intimidate and suppress necessary action and are intent on taking everything that they can get their hands on, to wring us dry,” Sasha said.

“This demonstration of intimidation and repression against a young activist highlights the deeply political nature of the police and courts,” a spokesperson for Blockade Australia said.

“They (police) exist to serve the interests of the select few who are set on digging up the Earth until there’s nothing left.”

“Australia has always used repression tactics for control – against First Nations people, and poor and marginalised people, who formed its original prison colony.

“We know that a car is trivial in comparison to the lives Australia steals constantly.

“Australia will, like always, use whatever it can to protect itself,” they said.

The representative told News Of The Area that these actions are nothing compared to what possible consequences of inaction on the matter.

“For the rest of us, everything is at stake.

“Seizing a car, banning people from associating with their friends and families, sentencing someone to a year in prison; these repression tactics pale in comparison to the consequences of inaction.” Blockade Australia’s spokesperson said.



One thought on “Car seized following Blockade Australia protests

  1. So it seems that protesting is now illegal. There’s an election coming up folks. Make sure you are registered to vote and understand the preferential voting system. While protests will continue, we can send a strong message via the ballot box.

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