Carers focus on bonding through reading with Hook Into Books

Sue Wilson, aHub Home provider for Life Without Barriers in Coffs Harbour.


SEPTEMBER is Life Without Barriers (LWB) Education’s ‘Hook Into Books’ month – a national literacy campaign for children and young people growing up in out-of-home care.

The goal is to bring the delights of reading books and storytelling to children to enhance their literacy skills and encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning.

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Sue Wilson and her husband Dave have been caring with LWB for six years and are the MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™ (Carer group support) Hub Home provider for Life Without Barriers in Coffs Harbour.

Sue told News Of The Area, “The promotion of the Hook Into Books travelling suitcase of books is a great idea.

“To be able to share these amongst our community and get kids reading and engaging in storytelling can be life changing.”

Whether it’s before bedtime or any other time of the day, reading has immense benefits for young minds.

“It all depends on their age of course – but I know the children under eight just love the bedtime stories, it’s wonderful to see their imagination run wild,” Sue said.

“The older kids are enjoying the interaction and sharing of stories also.

“The little ones really love picture books and anything with Dinosaurs seems to be a favourite.

“For the over-eights it’s definitely the Harry Potter books and the Tree House series by Andy Griffith, and Tony Denton is also really popular.”

“Above all reading ‘with’ children creates a stronger emotional connection and bond with them.

“In turn, it’s promoting their education by improving the child’s language and listening skill, that’s why Hook Into Books is such a great initiative.

“I remember an older boy I cared for who was Autistic, and every night, almost without fail he would read.

“And the best part the next morning he would tell us all about the story he read with great joy and excitement.

“It really did take him out of his world to a happier place when he was reading and storytelling.

“I love reading to children; I often find myself getting so caught up in the whole experience I sometimes realise I’ve been reading to myself because the child has fallen asleep.”

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