CEX Woolgoolga Ladies Bowls


WELL, as everyone can say it was great to get back to bowls.

4.9.2021 Woolgoolga Ladies played one game of three bowl triples and three games of three bowl pairs.

Rink 9

C Boyden V O’Brien M Short (D) S Bracher, R Gurber, J Logan.

Rink 10 J Gibbons, H Dunbar (D) S Sweeney, R Wesney.

Rink 11 H Pallister, D Washfold (D) J Lynn, D Porta.

Rink 12 M Brookes, W Bracher (D) M Campos, E Nielsen.


We had two games of three bowl pairs 18 ends S Bracher, W Bracher (D) T Churchill, M Short, C Mitchell, S Sweeney(D) J Lynn, D Washfold.



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