CEX Woolgoolga Ladies Bowls


5/6/21 WOOLGOOLGA ladies had a fun morning and played a mini carnival.

There were two teams, pink or yellow.

All players did a paddle pop draw to determine which rink they were on and which colour they were to play for.

When they all got to their rinks they decided between their team what position they would have, and to make it more fun we had two power plays and the last two ends were to the yard stick.

We were able to play one game of singles, one triples and four games of pairs.

Instead of saying how many ends would be played, we set a time limit of how long we would play for.
We also had to use the Pennants Master Score Board.

Pink Team: J Womersley,

J Hampstead, M Brookes, V O’Brien, N Haines, R Gurber, E Nielsen, M Campos, M Short, J Lynn, J Hinchley and V Hill.

Yellow Team: L Walsh, J Gibbons, W Bracher, S Bracher, L Virag, K Stirling, C Boyden, D Abraham, H Pallister, S Sweeney,

F Streeter, H Dunbar. The final scores were Pink 138, Yellow 108.

17/6/21 Woolgoolga played two games of three bowl pairs and 20 ends.

W Bracher, J Lynn (D) S Bracher, C Mitchell.

K Sterling, S Sweeney (D) G McInerny, L Fairhall.

Woolgoolga Ladies wish the three teams from Woolgoolga, best of luck in the Lightning Ridge Carnival.


By Suzanne BRACHER

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