Chris Walkling’s Memory Lives On

Hannah McAllan, former St Philip’s Christian College student
Hannah McAllan, former St Philip’s Christian College student

Dear News Of The Area,

After reading the Part 2 of the St Philip’s stories “St Philip’s Built on a Foundation of Love” Bay News Of The Area, 8 December 2016.

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St Philip’s had been apart of my life for 15 years and with that I absorbed so much of the Chris Walkling’s St Philip’s.

I knew his aspirations and goals for the college and it was hard for me and countless others in our community when he passed.

Chris’s nature is of course irreplaceable, his kindness unmatchable and his heart unlike anyone else’s.

Chris’s legacy is something we get to take on board and reflect in our lives now.

Chris Walkling got to touch hundreds of students’ lives and I was certainly blessed to be one of them.

Hannah McAllan
Nelson Bay
(Former Student of St Philip’s Christian College Port Stephens)

One thought on “Chris Walkling’s Memory Lives On

  1. Beautiful Hannah. Honouring a great man, your Principal and a man of God also. If only all schools has Principals like Chris….maybe we wouldn’t have so many screwed up kids. He was able to reach those lost kids and turn their lives around.

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