Coffee Van makes dream come true for Medowie Girl

Grace Fewster and her coffee van, Hyacinth.
Grace Fewster and her coffee van, Hyacinth.


THE story of Grace and Hyacinth is a story of adventure, fun and coffee.

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Hyacinth is a 15ft viscount of 1978 vintage, who lived a happy life of adventures, traversing the land from coast to country, exploring our landscape

After 20 years of living the high life, retirement came upon her, and she found herself in a paddock under a tree, dreaming of the days that were.

One sunny afternoon, she was given a second chance at adventure when some people came to visit.

They took one look at her and saw what she could be.

She was towed away and taken to live in a backyard, where her restoration began.

They painted her, cleaned her up and changed her into the van she is today, but they realised that they didn’t have the time to give her all the attention she deserved, so they began to search for her true adventure buddy.

This is where Hyacinth met Grace.

Grace fell in love instantly, and knew that this was the van for her.

Grace picked up Hyacinth and took her home to Medowie to live a new dream, full of new adventures, meeting new people and learning new things.

Together Grace and Hyacinth have started The Keen Bean & Co coffee company.

Grace and Hyacinth currently trade from 6 Waropara Road, Medowie, in the carpark of the health service and Overflow church adjacent to Medowie Christian School.

Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, from 8-11am and then 2:45-4pm.

Grace hopes to expand soon and be able to do weddings and festivals.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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